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I am a mother who has been on a 'quest' to find out what has been wrong with my daughter for the past 2 years. We had been to multiple pediatricians, nutritionists, allergists, and holistic doctors before she was diagnosed with Celiac. I have spent most of those past two years on the computer nightly researching what could be causing her symptoms without the help of most of these professionals - some of whom suggested that it was 'all in her head', that she was stressed out, that she had separation anxiety, that she was being sexually abused, or that I was a hypochondriac. None of which were true. We have found through out the past 2 years that our daughter has chemical sensitivities, as well, and have removed all dyes, preservatives, and processed foods from her diet, as well as, gluten and dairy now. This quest has consumed our lives and I am so thankful that we are now getting answers to her symptoms and I'm looking forward and hopeful for a full recovery.

  1. Thanks for your post. I just tried reintroducing rice in my daughter's diet and she now has stomachaches and headaches again. It is reassuring to know that this is probably the cause and not some other "mystery" issue. So hard to narrow down all the different intolerances. We thought we had it all figured out a year ago when she was diagnosed with Celiacs, then this past January the symptoms returned....
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