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    Starting Weight Watchers!

    As far as the fiber goes my digestive health Dr put me on metamucil and mylanta. I have problems with constipation. So far it works good. The mylanta you get magenesium which helps with iregularity.
  2. sugrsflwr2

    Anyone From North Carolina

    I live near Winston Salem. I was recently diagnosed first of December so im still learning a lot! You get paranoid sometimes from all you read. Your told frozen vegetables are considered safe but then go to the grocery store to see on their labels may contain traces of wheat. I have tried to stick to all fresh fruit and veggies and meat and only grain product ive tried is some pancake mix but made sure it was made from a Gluten Free designated facilty. I am afraid of cross contamination. On my list given to me from the dietician was 50 things easy to find and fix, hersey's chocolate bar and pepsi and coke products were on it, so feeling down and tired of eating nothing sweet I ate them. Next day I had burning in my chest. I have been reading online that others have problem with soy lecithin and carmel coloring which was in the candy and drinks. Plus ive read other people think may still have pain or problems because body is still in the healing process which ive tried to tell myself. I have been very careful or careful as can be. I have found mixed answers about makeup. Was told Mary Kay was gluten free then after buying its not. So much confusion! I was wondering what others symptoms of the disease were. Mine was severe anemia and fatigue. Right before diagnosis I had experienced sticking pains in my stomach.
  3. sugrsflwr2

    Label Laws In United States

    The list I got from my dietician shows and astric* beside Ruffles potato chips and frito's meaning they are produced in a plant that also produces wheat. Thus runs risk of cross contamination. I have found that the UTZ brand say gluten free and not certain but think also it is a dedicated facility thats gluten-free. Read the Utz brand potato chip bag carefully for yourself.
  4. sugrsflwr2

    How Do You Respond To Things Like This?

    I read online there are gluten free resturants and I don't know where your located but even seen gluten free pizza places mentioned, ones I saw were in Atlanta GA. Type in Gluten Free resturants and see what you pull up. If you can't find a resturant to go to then id suggest making pizza at home and buying gluten-free cake and have your sisters get together. I don't know how old your sister is that don't understand, but she needs to realize this is a health issue, not a just choosing not to eat something issue and maybe give her information on how serious it can be if you do not take care of your health by eliminating gluten in your diet. I am new to the gluten free myself, newly diagnosed since December. Good luck!
  5. sugrsflwr2

    12 Year Old Son With Celiac

    I was just reading a previous post about someone hating the gluten free bread and they suggested this bakery you can order online. I haven't tried it but was reassured when I read its a designated gluten-free facility as I worry about buying gluten-free products that may be cross contaminated if made in a facility that uses wheat. Here is the web address udisglutenfree.com. I have only been diagnosed myself since first of December. Good luck!