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  1. Hey does anyone know if adreal gland functioning is related to celiac disease??? i was told that my adrenal glands may...
  2. Canadian Girl

    Diet Pills And Cleanses

    i know that diet pils aren't good, i just don't understand why i've gained a bit of weight. i've always been slim, and...
  3. Canadian Girl

    Diet Pills And Cleanses

    Have a few questions. I've slowly gained a few pounds since starting the gluten free diet last january, and i am not...
  4. Canadian Girl

    Cc And Bbqs

    I've been reading how CC is an issue when bbq'ing. When i've been bbq'ing this summer, i've been making sure to scrape...
  5. Canadian Girl

    Onset Of Glutening Sx

    I bloat out like a balloon w/in minutes, than get cramps and veryy moody. These symptoms last from about 6 hrs to 2 days...
  6. " Another was at a conference, workshop for my job. They provided lunch and it was club sandwiches. I took off all of...
  7. Canadian Girl

    Deep Fryer And Cc

    Hi there, I have a question regarding things that are deep fried. I read that we cannot eat anything that has been deep...
  8. Canadian Girl

    Cc In Factories

    can ppl who are silent sufferers actually die from eating gluten and having no reaction? would the intestine eventually...
  9. Canadian Girl

    Gluten Reaction Decreasing?

    This is what i haven't been able to get a clear answer on.. if you still eat something but don't react from it, it still...
  10. Canadian Girl

    Cc In Factories

    Hey everyone, been away for a while but I'm back! I have a question, I read in a past post that we can eat items that...
  11. ok that helps thx, however, if we eat things that are made in a shared facility but don't react, we could still be damaging...
  12. Canadian Girl

    Bread Machine

    Any good advice on buying a bread machine???
  13. Canadian Girl

    Sooooo Tired :(

    I have been sooo extremely tired since I've gone off gluten.. i've read that this is a sign of withdrawal, how long does...
  14. i'm confused about dextrin.. can we have it??? are the FDA regulation the same as in Canada? Also.. if something says...
  15. Canadian Girl

    Coworkers Are Not So Understanding

    wht do you mean by limited fish? is it an allergy for you or should we all avoid some types of fish????