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  1. Thanks for the suggestions....I made up a weeks worth of menus tonight, that wasn't too difficult. But the problem is that all but one are school age, so I need to have total support and cooperation on their parts because they have school lunches, treats at school, birthday parties, sleepovers, boy scout activities, etc. And all of these events have gluten. I came up with a list of breakfasts, treats, snacks, etc. that are gluten free for the house, but it's all for nothing if they disregard the diet outside the home. I am afraid that I'll go to the expense and trouble to make our house gluten free only to have them eating gluten on almost a daily basis outside the home. That's why I'm searching for some answers about my gene test results, Nora was able to help me, but I still have questions and I'm not sure if there just aren't any answers...
  2. Midwifemama5

    Anyone Do A Weeks Menu At A Time?

    I'm on the fence about having all my children go gluten free (I have 5), but I wanted to start doing some menu planning, I thought maybe if I do it as a lenten thing it might go over better. But I'm having trouble sitting down coming up with a weeks worth of menus that are gluten free. Can anyone share kid friendly menus? I'm looking for easy to cook/fast (since I work two jobs right now and go t school full time plus my husband is having treatment for a brain tumor, so complicated recipes aren't going to get done). Also, what about breakfasts, school lunches and snacks? I think if I could sit down and plan out enough menus for a week at a time, it would easier for all of us and make it more doable.... I also would like to cut out dairy for my 11yo who has always wet the bed, every night since she was born!
  3. I think that's a hard situation....if you aren't experiencing symptoms, then how do you know if it's gluten? We are facing the same issues, we don't have the classical symptoms. I have tried convincing the kids to go gluten free, we tried it for about 30 days and no one thought it make a difference for them. Now, long term, it might reduce lots of things, but then again, it might now...so without a positive biopsy or blood work, how do you know? Enterolabs seems to think that all the genes can cause sensitivity or intolerance except DQ4, so I am not sure that's a help at all.... Unless it comes back DQ2 and 8, it seems that it's hit or miss...then what to do? If it can take 1=2 years to see improvement for some symptoms, that's an awfully long time to be on a restrictive diet with no answers. And there are so many other things that could be contributing like corn, dairy, food colorings, MSG, how does one differentiate? I was hoping to be able to search these boards and get more definitive answers from people who have my gene types, but I am learning that it doesn't seem to matter so much what gene types you have, but whether you improve on the diet. And trying to manage 5 kids and myself on a gluten free diet for two years is going to be so stressful, I'm not sure I want to try that without more definitive proof. I'm still confused about my particular gene types and haven't been able to really get straightforward, easy to understand answers in the literature, much work needs to be done there.... I considered testing all the kids, but the cost is ridiculous and may not tell us anything new....the blood work has been all negative and one daughter had a biopsy that was negative...so I'm not sure what to think...
  4. I understand family wanting a full, official diagnosis....it's the same here. Nora helped me understand mine a bit, but I'm still confused especially how DQ5 is also DQ1....so I'm not any help understanding the genes themselves.... I haven't done all my children yet, the cost would be ridiculous to test 5 children right now...so I wanted to really geta good understanding of my gene types and what the implications are for it...I think wikipedia is very difficult to understand and that's from a nurse's perspective! I understand how you can be confused! I think that the companies doing these tests need to make it easier to understand, but they don't. And they don't seem to answer phone calls or emails very well either! I did an extensive search through my school (i'm in a masters program and have access to over 8000 journals) and couldn't find anything definitiveabout gene typing or anything that broke it down to make it easier to understand. I am starting to wonder if maybe the genetists don't really understand them either because if they did they would be able to break them down to understandable levels. One of the things I tell my students ( I teach nursing) is that if you can't break down something to explain it to someone else you don't really understand it, and that's what I have been seeing in the literature (and even wikipedia, for example I tried to understand how DQ5 was the same as DQ1, but couldn't find an answer, it seems like just rambling in some spots).
  5. tried doing a search for DQ7 but I can't get the search engine to really narrow it down for me... I'm confused how DQ5 is really DQ1? I'm sorry, I feel a bit stupid but I'm not understanding that? I had read about DQ1 causing neurological problems, but havent' see it explained about DQ5 being DQ1? I did find a study that linked DQ7 to milk intolerance, which is interesting....I've been trying to do some internet searches, but haven't found what I am looking for. I will try to do another search for DQ7 and 5 on here and see if I can find anything....any tips on searching would be helpful, I can't seem to narrow it down.... I guess what I'm seeing is that any of the genes according to enterolabs besides DQ4 can be linked with gluten intolerance, sensitivity, etc. I am having a hard time convincing my family to go gluten free if they don't think there's enough "proof"....we don't have typical symptoms, but other things like autoimmune, PCOS, bedwetting, and general allergies. I read somewhere it can take 1-2 years to see results, so I'm trying to find more information on the genes and understand them better so I can show them some links between genes and gluten....however, I feel even more confused since starting! Thanks!
  6. Well I'm new to all of these, but my results say I have some fairly extensive malabsorption, which I believe to be true. But all the other tests were negative, so it makes it more confusing to me, is there another reason for it? Is it leaky gut? I'm still trying to figure out my genes and what it means (see my post further down, if anyone can add to Nora's posts, I would greatly appreciate it)...It looks like I'm a 7 and 5, but then it seems that I'm also a 3 and 1, not sure if I understand that or what the implications are. I want to get my kids tested, I have one who tested posted on a skin test to wheat (IGE) so it would be interesting to see how that corresponds to the genes. I've been doing searches over the last week (with all the snow, I'm not doing much else) but find it hard to search for the specific genes, the engine says I can't search like that.
  7. I tried doing a search for DQ7 but I can't get the search engine to really narrow it down for me... I'm confused how DQ5 is really DQ1? I'm sorry, I feel a bit stupid but I'm not understanding that? I had read about DQ1 causing neurological problems, but havent' see it explained about DQ5 being DQ1? Can you elaborate? thanks for much for your help Nora, I really appreciate it. I did find a study that linked DQ7 to milk intolerance, which is interesting....I've been trying to do some internet searches, but haven't found what I am looking for. I will try to do another search for DQ7 and 5 on here and see if I can find anything...
  8. I did the other blood tests and they were all normal, my IGa was also normal. The IGG testing and the tTg were negative. So not sure what to think. I know my kids will not adhere to a gluten free diet unless we get some results that are positive. My two daughters did the blood testing and they were all normal (although my 11yo had an IGA of 67, which is right at the low range for her age group so not sure if that causes the others to be low and her IGG was a bit high, normal is under 10 and hers was 17...) I looked up more info on the Gene types 7 and 5, plus my alleles and haven't really found anything to point to celiac (although I did find the info about the possibility of a 1/2 gene on the 7 if I understand it correctly). Since some of the info I am reading says it can take up to a year to see a difference after going gluten free, my family is very resistant to the change idea. It would be easier if we say immediate results, but we did do a month of gluten free before with really no improvement noted. However, if anyone has more info about the gene types and alleles, that would be great. I find wikipedia hard to understand (and I'm in a masters program for nursing, so I would think it would make more sense)...and the info that enterolabs sent to me seems to be a form letter and doesn't make sense. Are there others who are on here with those gene types, the 7 and 5? I would interested in learning more about your test results and diet results... thanks!
  9. Thanks, that does help...so when I see people post DQ3,1 in their siggies, is that what numbers I would put? I wouldn't include the other ones, the 7 and 5? Also, what significance do the alleles have? Do they have any significance for gluten sensitivity? I did have the blood work, it was normal...my iga levels were OK too, I believe 167 or similar...and I also have allergy skin testing and some blood testing, the only thing that showed up food wise was chocolate (ouch, I was moderate, and I definitely have seen less headaches since I stopped chocolate)...
  10. Sorry I don't know why I have posted this twice...just wondering if anyone can help interpret these or point me to a good source (that's easy to understand)...
  11. I have been reading through here and trying to figure out what my lab results mean, what my gene types are, but the more I read, the more confused I get... Also, I have significant malabsorption according to their results, which would be in sync with my symptoms and other problems such as problems with B12 (I take shots, they just upped me) and other s/s of malabsorption. Here is the results: Antigliadian IgA 6 Antitissue Transglut. IgA 8 Fecal Fat Score 721 (normal <300 units) Cows milk IgA 6 HLA-DQB1 Allele 1 0301 HLA-DQB1 Allele 2 0503 Serologic equivalent HLA-DQ 3,1 (subtype 7,5) I don't understand what the alleles mean, what the significance of those number would be...and are my genes 3 and 1, or are they 7 and 5? It says that I don't have the celiac genes, but the gluten sensitivity genes, but I'm interested to know what my gene types are. And if I have normal results in everything else, why is my fecal fat score so high? Is it still possible that it's caused by gluten or is it more likely to be caused by something else? I did have my blood IgA levels done through quest and they were normal, not low... Thanks for the help! I hope to understand this more as I go, I looked at wikipedia, but that confused me more, and as a masters student in nursing, I don't hold much stock in wikipedia anyway... Midwifemama5