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    San Diego!

    I somehow started at the end and am working my way forward, so if you are still around and collecting info, I'd love to share. We are still sorting out my food challenges but so far I need vegan, gluten-free food, probably corn free too. I also travel extensively, generally on low-budget adventures, often to third world countries. Life does get interesting!
  2. lezli

    Traveling To Cabo San Lucas

    Hi there, I am heading off to the Baja soon too, and have just started researching the terms I will need to be familiar with in order to shop gluten free (also dairy and corn free). I would be happy to share if that would be helpful. I will be doing most of my own cooking as I am going on a mule-packing trip, not doing a traditional style holiday. I am taking my backpacking stove and buying and packing my own food. Have fun on your trip!