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    photography, cross stitch & hand embroidery, hiking, kayaking, skiing, spending time w/ friends, cooking
  1. skigirlchar

    Leaky Gut And Acid Reflux?

    "The problem is, if I stop taking my acid reflux meds, I get terrible heartburn. I'm not sure what to do. Anyone else...
  2. skigirlchar

    Endoscopy And Anxiety

    i had the procedure...was in an outpatient wing of a hospital and they gave me (a 33 year old) the option to have my...
  3. in regards to your daughter - once she understands why she is eating a special diet things will get easier. in schools...
  4. skigirlchar

    The Celiac Clock Is Ticking

    i drink tons and tons and tons of water to try to flush my system. i know some people take Imodium (i tried it before...
  5. skigirlchar

    How Do U Clean Gluten Off A Grill?

    i actually have a similar situation this weekend so thanks for posting this now. i need to call the host tomorrow for...
  6. skigirlchar

    What's With Spelt?

    spelt is WHEAT FREE, but NOT gluten-free - has a great taste & high in protein but all the same reactions as regular...
  7. skigirlchar

    Maybe Dating Not Such A Good Idea

    if you always let the potential rule how you live now, you will be very bored and lonely. if you really like her,...
  8. some times trauma (and trauma does not have to be physical injury to the head) can cause hair color to change. my grandmother...
  9. skigirlchar

    New Food Intolerance?

    that's why we're here lucia!!
  10. skigirlchar

    Does This Sound Familiar

    many post on here increased anxiety as a side effect to glutening. for myself: the tighter i am w my gluten-free...
  11. skigirlchar

    Utz Chips?

    Utz has multiple factories to make their chips, pretzels, cheese puffs, etc. You may want to check w/ customer relations...
  12. skigirlchar

    Dating And Celiac

    me me me!!! my philosophy is this: i'm upfront w/ them and tell them "do to major allergies (which was the initial...
  13. skigirlchar

    New Food Intolerance?

    to answer your initial question of "Is this how it happens for other people? One day, you're fine eating corn, then the...
  14. skigirlchar

    Balsamic Vinegar

    im going to answer #2 first - everyone seems to have differing symptoms, however many state they suffer from the swollen...
  15. skigirlchar

    College Search...

    again, this will depend on the school you go to.