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    photography, cross stitch & hand embroidery, hiking, kayaking, skiing, spending time w/ friends, cooking

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with a background in psychology and special education, my calling is working with children on the autism spectrum and related disorders and their families. while my job is to teach families how to cope and move forward with their lives, i have been fortunate enough to be supported by many of these same families in my own health journey as i learn more and more about the gluten-free/CF/SF world.

  1. im going to answer #2 first - everyone seems to have differing symptoms, however many state they suffer from the swollen belly. others get brain fog. others get massive cramping. others get headaches. the list goes on and on. some people find that adding/taking digestive enzymes and drinking...
  2. Once all struggle is grasped, miracles are possible. ~ Mao Tse-Tung

  3. HAHA - no, i'm not laughing because i think it's funny, but because i understand i had the same issue and had to explain to the staff at Tevana that while I was buying a tea pot and cups from them i would never be buying from them because i had just watched them used the same scoop in 3 teas...