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  1. You ABSOLUTELY still need to ask questions! Given the fad nature of many new gluten-free diners, restaurants across...
  2. AE Paul

    I'm Just Making Sure We All Like Red Robin

    The options on the Applebee's gluten-free menu may look better, but they're training, knowledge, and caring about how...
  3. AE Paul

    Eatting gluten-free In Omaha

    Yes, they do have a P.F. Chang's in Omaha... and yes, that is generally a highly-recommended chain amongst gluten-free...
  4. AE Paul

    Eatting gluten-free In Omaha

    While nothing is jumping out as rated by many, my resource suggests you consider the following: Cheeseburger in Paradise...
  5. AE Paul

    Indiana Pa

    Eat'N Park Restaurant is right in Indiana and has a gluten-free menu. Same with Hoss's Steak & Sea House. There...
  6. With 2 kids, I would suggest just taking a cab. From Midtown to the West Village will probably take 10 minutes or so...
  7. Warning about chains with gluten-free menus! Lately, I have read a rash of messages about people getting sick after...
  8. psawyer, There's a "statistical significance" factor that you know I can't quote here without backing it up in the...
  9. jr - How does your unit prevent cross-contamination? How do the servers communicate to the kitchen? Where is the...
  10. AE Paul


    Silk, I think this is the first time I ever heard anyone state that they had a good experience at Applebee's! I...
  11. AE Paul

    Gluten Free In Columbus, Ohio

    A few ideas: Cameron's America Bistro in Worthington (received 3 positive ratings from gluten intolerant diners) Martini...
  12. AE Paul

    Taco Bell Chicken

    As lynnelise pointed out, you just posted twice on another board saying that you are an employee and that "Taco Bell...
  13. AE Paul

    San Diego Restaurants

    Darissa - Here's some information I've come up with. Rated well by individuals with gluten intolerance AND gluten...
  14. AE Paul

    gluten-free In Atlanta

    A few options from the community (though I can't say these are all as strict as you want/need): On the high end, Kevin...
  15. AE Paul

    Gluten Free Process Or Not?

    While Chili's gets pretty good ratings on allergy and gluten-free accommodations, I would still offer at least a hint...