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Gluten Intolerant. Celiac panel (bloodwork) negative (levels were tested after being very low gluten for better than a year). No other testing done (not woth the pain). Mostly Gluten Free since 2003. Gluten free since 2006. Also casein free and 99% corn free. Very limited soy.

2 daughters and 1 son also gluten intolerant (21, 18, 16). Both daughters also casein free. One daughter also corn and soy free. Bloodwork done on middle daughter and son before trying a gluten free diet - negative. Oldest daughter decided to remove gluten before any testing.

  1. I also wanted to add that unless you are using "superfine" rice flour - that might account for the grittiness. I find things made with regular grind rice flour are heavy and gritty. Superfine makes a BIG difference. Just my .02 worth, in case you try again. You might replace the sweet...