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  1. I agree with your idea of opportunistic eating. This starts when you first try to understand what foods you can eat and stock up on snacks just in case. After a year and a half I still have to watch that I don't over eat on snack food just in case I won't be able to find suitable food out.
  2. Fozzie

    Saw A Dietician The Other Day...

    After being dx in Feb I askked for a referral to a dietician and received a call last week for an appointment. That was usefull ! I said "thank you but I already have the info That I need" thanks to this forum and some digging myself. You need to be proactive with this situation. I managed to find a cooworker who is a dietician and celiac ( I didn't know) and she gave me tips on where to shop etc.. Having acess to a search through the university library has provided a plethora of info but this site has been the most informative
  3. Fozzie

    Has Anyone Tried Acupuncture?

    I was diagnosed three months ago and have received acupuncture treatments for the past 6 weeks after researching the positive effects of treatment through peer reviewed articles. It has been very effective for brain fog and headaches along with the feeling of general mailaise and fatigue. I will continue treatments as long as I can see improvement.
  4. Fozzie


    Lactulose produces an osmotic effect increasing peristalsis.It should not be used if you have diabetes abdominal pain,nausea or vomitting. It works within 24-48 hours. It is different from metamucil which increases moisture and bulk in the stool. Lactulose is effective when necessary but remember to consume sufficient fluids and fibre in a well balanced diet on a daily basis
  5. In answer to your question re the truth in this article ,we need to be scepticle in relation to some of the info we google. I was able to locate 120 peer reviewed article through the University of Victoria on this subject. As you were previously aware Celiac disease (celiac disease) is a multifactorial disorder influenced by environmental, genetic and immunological factors.This abstract is typical of the articles that have been published in the scientific and medical journals I was able to peruse. Hope this helps Author(s): Garner CP (Garner, C. P.)1, Murray JA (Murray, J. A.)2, Ding YC (Ding, Y. C.)1, Tien Z (Tien, Z.)1, van Heel DA (van Heel, D. A.)3, Neuhausen SL (Neuhausen, S. L.)1 Source: HUMAN MOLECULAR GENETICS Volume: 18 Issue: 21 Pages: 4219-4225 Published: NOV 1 2009 Times Cited: 2 References: 28 Citation Map Abstract: Celiac disease is a common disease with a prevalence of similar to 1%. A recent genome-wide association study (GWAS) and follow-up study identified eight loci significantly associated with celiac disease risk. We genotyped the top 1020 non-HLA single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) from the GWAS study that were genotyped in the previous follow-up study. After quality control assessments, 975 SNPs were analyzed for association with 906 celiac disease cases and 3819 controls, using logistic regression. Additional genotype data were generated by imputation and analyzed across the regions showing the strongest statistical evidence for association. Twenty SNPs were associated with celiac disease with P < 0.01 in the current study as well as in the previous follow-up study, of which 16 had P < 0.001 and 11 had P < 1 x 10(-11). Five of eight regions identified in the follow-up study were strongly associated with celiac disease, including regions on 1q31, 3q25, 3q28, 4q27 and 12q24. The strongest associations were at 4q27, the region most strongly associated in the GWAS and follow-up study and containing IL2 and IL21, and at 3q28 harboring LPP. In addition, we provide new evidence for an association, not previously reported, on 2q31 harboring a strong candidate gene, ITGA4. In conclusion, in this first follow-up study of celiac cases from the USA, we provide additional evidence that five of eight previously identified regions harbor risk alleles for celiac disease, and new evidence for an association on 2q31. The underlying functional mutations responsible for these replicated associations need to be identified. Document Type: Article
  6. Fozzie

    A Theory

    I can relate to your situation. After 5 weeks on this diet I was feeling "Normal"( relatively) for about 5 days and then something happened after dinner on Tues. I think that the chicken was off as my husband had indigestion after eating it . As for myself the lymphocytic gastritis has been causing turmiol for 3 days (stinging and pain) and my gut is rolling again. I have been extremly careful about the food I have ingested over the past month and this is depressing! I don't think that gluten can hide in our bodies but rather because of the damage we have incurred to our GI system we may be more susceptable to other pathologies. Question- Does anyone else have lymphocytic gastritis along with celiac?
  7. Fozzie

    Time Off Work?

    I could have written your first paragraph! I have been off work for 4 months and hope to return April 1 5 weeks after diagnosis. Fortunately my employer has been empathetic. I am feeling well enough this past week that I actually miss work, before this I have been too fatigued and uncomfortable to entertain the thought. hang in there
  8. Fozzie

    Effects Of Celiac On The Brain

    I too have experienced the "fogg" for years but was unaware of what it was. It makes me very hesitant to drive or make important decisions. I can't wait for this to improve!
  9. Fozzie

    Muscle Weakness

    I am also one month into this diet and I also experience muscle weakness and a low grade headache with brain fog. It is improving with the dieet and two 45 min walks per day. Tomorrow I am going for acupuncture hoping that it will improve my current state of health. hang in there.
  10. [ Not everyone has a biopsy for their 60th birthday and then finds out that they have Celiac Disease! I thought Ok I can handle that but it isn't as easy as I thought. I have been ill since Sept (this time) and my gall bladder was removed Dec17-that obviously wasn't the cause of stomach pain',malaise nausea fatigue etc. I got worse.I know see that it has been going on for 30 years. Three weeks ago I started this diet wih great expectation but since Saturday I have experienced dizziness,increased pulse, sore tongue, chills,tinnitis, and fatigue plus. I know my lab work is borderline for pernicious anemia and I have a history of thyroid problems so I'm back to the doc to check those out later today. I'm sooooo frustrated. My motto has always been "This too shall pass" But when Anxiously yours Fozzie