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    I like crafts, but can never settle on one. I also have an interest in technology and work in telecommunications.
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    Burnaby, B.C.

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I'm 23 and engaged to a wonderful man, and we live with a fat fluffy black cat. His best friend was found to be Celiac just over a year ago, so I'm sure he'll be fine learning to accomodate with me.

Going gluten free April 1st/2010. Wish me luck!

  1. is finding out about her blood tests tomorrow.

  2. I'm obese, but not morbidly I believe. I'm 5"4 and 179 pounds right now. Before I started feeling crappy all the time I was 130 pounds. I believe this is partially behind why I've gotten so heavy so quickly. I got up to 194 and 179 is after I gave up on dieting and exercising. I'm starting my gluten free diet today, and once I start feeling better I'm planning on working out more Thanks for the advice about gluten free foods, I'll be careful and try to stay natural with most foods. I just spent the morning trying to figure out if I can have dextrose to see if I can at least have has
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