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  1. When I was diagnosed with celiac disease 2 years ago I was told I was "lucky" because I can feel the effects of gluten...
  2. But aren't trace amounts enough to make some of us sick? Personally, I know everytime I eat Dry Onion Soup Mix I get...
  3. I use it daily without a problem.
  4. I'm not sure about the eggnog, but I want to encourage you on your newest journey of being gluten free. It is a challenge...
  5. SuperMolly

    Quaker Oats

    Thanks. I'll check it out.
  6. Thank you to everybody who encouraged me to get the gluten out of my house. My friend came over 2 weeks ago and took...
  7. SuperMolly

    Quaker Oats

    What are quinoa flakes? We are now a gluten free house and my husband misses oatmeal tremendously. (I react very strongly...
  8. That is just crazy! Cross contamination is a HUGE issue for those with celiac disease. Just ask any one here!
  9. You have come to the right place! It helps so much to talk this stuff out with others who live with it every day. ...
  10. Don't forget to wash all your measuring cups/spoons before starting. It's also a good idea to use fresh hand towels...
  11. What about Cocoa Pebbles? I've had those and done just fine with them. I have also made some good "Cocoa Pebbles...
  12. SuperMolly

    What Are Your Symptoms?

    Just curious if you always have the same symptoms when you consume gluten or if they vary? My symptoms seem to vary....
  13. Thanks for all the great ideas! I am excited to give my baby good food and not be so paranoid about him getting full...
  14. In making my house gluten free I have to figure out some gluten-free finger foods for my 13 month old. Cheerios, graham...
  15. SuperMolly

    Need A Pep Talk

    Thank you everybody for your encouragement. I still feel overwhelmed, but my hope has been renewed. It is nice to...