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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I did not know that they had peppermint.....I got the honey flavored one. It is okay, but the B/F was like it smells funny. But I had him replace all of his chapsticks also . He is so sweet I get sick really easily to. Since I have been on the gluten-free diet I still feel like...
  3. well, reguardless I am not going to be using it anymore because chapstick cant get there story straight! but thank you everyone for posting.....i picked up burtys bee's last night thanks again amanda NY
  4. OMG are you serious!!!!!!! I LOVE MY CHAPSTICK!!!!!!! As soon as I get home, i will have to run to the store and get burts, if you say that it is good and you were a former chapstick lover, well then I hope that I too will love burts. This is so frustrating. THank you Amanda NY
  5. I have not been feeling well, and I would really like to pin point the culprit. Is chapstick gluten-free or not and if it is which ones are gluten-free. And does anyone else share chapstick with there signifigant other that is not gluten-free. Amanda NY