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  1. There's many benefits from going gluten-free but the commitment is very hard if it is voluntary.
  2. starting with chicken is a great idea, my own preference is to stay away from pork, although bacon is very tempting!
  3. its impossible to try to change people although you can take somebody aside and tell them one-on-one it really hurts...
  4. yea using the word 'allergic' usually brings a firm 'no' to the conversation as sandsurfgirl said. Most people just move...
  5. sorry to hear that. What I found to work is reading about what is safe and isn't in general then as your shopping read...
  6. best place to start is http://digestive.niddk.nih.gov/ to learn about celiac also just google the term and see what you...
  7. @book-worm the biggest supermarket down under is Coles they have a gluten-free section on their website http://Spammers...
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