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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. Marshmallows?

    HA! That almost happened to me at Henry's! My husband grabbed the gluten free $5 marshmallows and said look honey these are gluten free... I picked up the regular ones and so were they Live and learn!
  2. I make up the flour myself... I bought all the stuff from the asian grocery... Dirt Cheap! I had a hard time with the pie crust the first time... but the second time it turned out nice... I'm not a big crust person but I liked it. My favorite so far is the banana nut muffins. I did the ginger bread cake and didn't like it as much as the real stuff... But a little tweaking and I may get it right the rustic apple tart was nice. the corn bread came out nice.
  3. I'm a sero-negative biopsy proven celiac... Ask for the biopsy. Even then... read the results yourself... Alot of doctors won't admit you have celiac... If it comes back as ANY SORT villious blunting, you know you are suffering from mal-absorption of some kind... OR, if you don't need the/ can't get the biopsy... just go gluten free for a few months and see how it goes. Many people are "diet-proven". Good luck!
  4. How about smoothies?? use full fat milk and yogurt...
  5. I bought the second edition and I am so impressed!! She says to use brown rice flour for her mix, but I used white rice flour and didn't notice anything amiss. I've made HOME-MADE muffins!! A cake!!! pop-overs... which for you english people... I added a bit more water and had... YORKSHIRE PUDDING!!! I HIGHLY recommend this book,. but don't eat the stuff all the time or you'll totally pork up:) but it's nice to be able to enjoy a baked treat now and then!
  6. Does anyone know a store in the San Diego area (preferably north county) where I can buy millet flour? I've tried sprouts, henrys, jimbos, asian grocery store, indian grocery store.... oh and whole foods... Thanks!
  7. peanut butter cups! Fritos... wow... I'm suddenly hungry
  8. I go out every FRI night with friends for dinner. If they choose a place I can't eat off the menu, I call ahead and say we have a big group and someone with a major food alergy. would they mind if the person brought thier own food and ordered a beverage from them- no one has said no yet. I also have what I call my "freak bag" Its a little zip up lunch bag and I keep all kinds of gluten free condiments ( I've learned to bring my own ketchup and stuff cause ppl do wierd stuff to the ones on the tables...) And you have to be proactive- its harder to be spontaneous with eating out- it can be done, just have ask lots of questions- call ahead when you can... things like that... As far as liquor- I stick to wine most of the time... I have had some really expensive scotch and had no reaction... Everything I read on the net about liquor seems contradictory...
  9. I buy rice flour from the asian grocery store... I haven't had a problem yet. Funny enough I went into an Asian grocery store near Boston over the weekend and they had "gluten free" labels on some of the shelves. I totally cracked up. I got buckwheat soba noodles there for a fraction of the cost as well. and the rice noodles... again fraction of the cost. My system is pretty sensitive, but so far so good.
  10. my husband and I have a group of friends who we go out to dinner with most Friday nights and every couple of months we have a pot luck style party at someone's house. We usually have a theme. Whe I was diagnosed with Celiac, I was crushed. I forsaw sitting in the car during dinner nights and not eating at all at the parties. Instead, our friends found local restuants that could do a gluten free dish or were OK with me bring in my own meal and I have my "freak bag" (a lunch bag filled with gluten free condiments ) They were all pretty curious about the gluten free thing so for our last party, we did a gluten free theme and everyone had to read every single label and call manufacturers before they could put it in the dish. It was very cool! The people closest to me got a small taste of what a huge change our family has had to make and they got to learn that eating "healthy" does not have mean no flavor! (Plus I got to be a total pig and I didn't get sick from ANYTHING!!) This ended up a great experience for all of us, and I would highly recommend trying it out.
  11. gluten-free Diet Confusion

    I was diagnosed this summer and it DOES get easier- I-Phone has an app called is this gluten free you might want to try. As far as eating out, I made a binder of gluten free menu items from local fast food and resturants in my area and I leave it in my car. That way if I'm out, I know what's safe to eat. I'm curious how you ended up diagnosed with no symptoms- so many people suffer for so long without answers- I'm being nosy so you can just tell me to be quiet
  12. HA HA!! You're a chicken! I was really afraid the first couple of times, but I read the label really carefully (not that that always matters) and I just went for it... I was pretty hungry and very very sick of tuna!
  13. I'm living in a barracks right now and I've been eating the roasted chicken from the grocery store and I have found if I buy it from a higher end grocery store (Like Vons or Shaws) and stick to the lemon or garlic one- no sauces- I don't get symptoms. And I'm pretty sensitive. If I had a choice, I'd cook my own, but when I'm desperate, the roasted chicken seems to be ok.
  14. Bj's Gluten Free Pizza

    @GlutenFreeMama- I went to the one in Escondido, CA. BJ's has a gluten-free menu with all kinds of stuff... fish, steak, the baked potatos and the pizza. Took me three meals to polish off the pizza!