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  1. Hello, has anybody any suggestions for gluten free options at LAX airport, specifically terminals 2 and Tom Bradley International? I saw there's a Built Burger. Has anyone been there? Thank you!
  2. I think many people would thank you for your contribution to the education of chefs on the islands. Education is definitely the key in improving awareness. When our daughter was diagnosed celiac 15 years ago we could quite easily get gluten free foods but awareness was hit and miss. There weren...
  3. Thanks for your reply Ken and apologies for the late reply. Thanks for all your helpful suggestions. I have done some research myself and found a few places in Waikiki that we can eat at some of which have a gluten free menu. I like the look of DK Steakkhouse which has a gluten free menu. One...
  4. Hello, We are thinking about visiting Hawaii later on this year from Australia. Our 17 daughter is celiac and was wondering if anybody has any suggestions re. eating gluten free around Waikiki and Oahu in general. We have been to the US before (Disneyland, New York) and managed okay by doing...
  5. Thanks Ken. It's great to hear that Hawaii is improving in awareness. We might not get there next year as we had our big trip this year and it can get costly but we definately plan on going sometime soon. The 12 hour flight is not too bad either. If you do come to Australia I can give you advice...
  6. Hi Ken, It was the Swissotel and the restaurant was Kopitiam. They did try hard to please and the chef came to our table to talk to us. He did not have much knowledge of gluten free food though but was happy for me to discuss it with him and for him to show us the sauces he was using. There...
  7. We were in Singapore last year for a stop over with our daughter (aged 13) who is a celiac. We were there for 1 night on the way and 1 night on the way back form Europe. I agree with you that there is very little understanding of gluten free in Singapore. We went to the hotel restaurant and whilst...