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  1. Hello, has anybody any suggestions for gluten free options at LAX airport, specifically terminals 2 and Tom Bradley International? I saw there's a Built Burger. Has anyone been there? Thank you!
  2. Just warning you all that Cheezels are not longer gluten free by ingredient. My daughter has eaten them for years with no problem as they were gluten free by ingredient. They did have a may contain statement but we often buy products...
  3. That's quite strange. If it had gluten in it you would think they would have it in the contains statement. I will go an have a look today when I am at the supermarket. Maybe the breadcrumbs were made of soy if that is what it had in brackets...
  4. Why would you need gluten free hairspray? Firstly I would be surprised if hairspray had wheat in it and secondly unless you ingest gluten it cannot have any effect on you. Shampoo, moisturisers, makeup etc. does not absorb into your...
  5. amber

    Eating Out Overseas

    Italy is in fact great for gluten free. There is very good awareness of celiac disease there as they have the highest rate in the world. We had no problem there. Greece will be fine too as a lot of the food is naturally gluten free....
  6. We were in the US a couple of years ago (from Australia) and my celiac daughter ate the fries and had no problem. People need to realise if they are saying there is no detectable gluten than they are fine to consume and they are always...
  7. Hi, apparently the gluten free weetbix will be in store this week in Coles and Woolworths. Check out their facebook page for more info.
  8. amber

    Royal Carribean Cruises

    Good to hear! We have also been on two Royal Caribbean cruises with our celiac daughter. One was to the Mediterranean and the other the Caribbean. Both were very good with gluten free awareness and availability. On our last cruise 2...
  9. I remember looking at this place a few years back. It is a chateau in France which specifically caters for those on a gluten free diet. www.chateaudevillars.com The awareness of gluten free in Europe is very good in places like...
  10. amber

    Gluten Free In Waikiki

    I think many people would thank you for your contribution to the education of chefs on the islands. Education is definitely the key in improving awareness. When our daughter was diagnosed celiac 15 years ago we could quite easily get gluten...
  11. amber

    Gluten Free In Waikiki

    Thanks for your reply Ken and apologies for the late reply. Thanks for all your helpful suggestions. I have done some research myself and found a few places in Waikiki that we can eat at some of which have a gluten free menu. I like the...
  12. Hello, We are thinking about visiting Hawaii later on this year from Australia. Our 17 daughter is celiac and was wondering if anybody has any suggestions re. eating gluten free around Waikiki and Oahu in general. We have been to the...
  13. amber


    Thanks Ken. It's great to hear that Hawaii is improving in awareness. We might not get there next year as we had our big trip this year and it can get costly but we definately plan on going sometime soon. The 12 hour flight is not too...
  14. amber


  15. I have one more question re. McDonalds. Has anyone had the McFlurry's? We noticed you can get Reese's McFlurry's there which sound delicious as we don't have them here. The website says it is gluten free and are a couple of the other...