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  1. Cinnamongirl

    Vitamin Deficiency?

    I recently had my vitamin D level tested for the first time and my result was 17. Normal range is 32 - 100, optimal...
  2. I found that (after experimenting) they have a middle of the rode dark chocolate that is both sweet and creamy like milk chocolate,

    it comes in a little three pack and you can find it up by the registers (its the light brown wraper not the darker one!)

    Just thought you might like an alternitive before giving up on chocolate...besides dark chocolate has lots on antioxidents!

  3. Hey cinimon girl..I was reading on one of the posts that you gave up chocolate, thats sad! I was wondering if you were eating dark or light? I found that while MILK chocolate and big commercial brands like Herseys special dark upset my stomache...I can eat Dark chocolate from trader joes (it comes in different degrees of bitterness though)! LOL

  4. Cinnamongirl

    Bummer...going Dairy Free

    If it's any comfort, I've decided to go egg free and dairy free recently. I've been gluten free for 2 years now and...
  5. I like to read success stories, too, because they give me hope that I'll continue to improve. I have been gluten free...
  6. Cinnamongirl


    Ive been taking Cal-Citrate for several years which contains both calcium and magnesium and it has an overall relaxing...
  7. Cinnamongirl

    Healing Time & Nutrient Absorption

    I'm in my late 40s and I've been gluten free for 16 mos now and I am improved, but still not where I hope to be someday...
  8. I found probiotics to be very helpful for me in eliminating gas issues. I also avoid dairy, but I do use butter. I...
  9. Cinnamongirl

    Coping With Brain Fog

    Cutting out gluten has reduced my brain fog considerably. I had brain fog so bad at times, that I was afraid to drive...
  10. Cinnamongirl

    First Menstrual Period gluten-free, Feeling Aweful!

    Thanks for the tip on progesterone cream. When I was young I never had PMS, but now it is terrible. I had my hormones...
  11. Cinnamongirl

    Leaky Gut Syndrome

    The only time I had trouble with hair loss was after my third pregnancy. I assumed it was hormonal because it went away...
  12. Cinnamongirl

    Find Your Personal Diet

    I'm having a hard time figuring out what all I can tolerate and I've been keeping a food diary for over a year. I tried...
  13. Cinnamongirl

    I Cant Let It Go

    I can relate to you somewhat, Jason. I went for a college physical in my 20s (going to grad school) and was very anemic...
  14. Cinnamongirl

    Article In Redbook

    After all that I have suffered....I felt like I was basically dying a slow death and going crazy because of my gut, I...
  15. I've read celiac disease may cause people to be shorter than they otherwise would be. I'm 5 feet tall and wonder if...