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  1. Almendra


    ' Well, what I was trying to say is that they only even try to serve/notify potential gluten free customers when THAT ONE chef is in. Don't even try to serve it when she's not. SO let the GFers know when it's safe to come. In the interest of my safety, I would value less actual claimed time of gluten free availability in exchange for the restaurant being upfront with when their gluten-free claims have personnel capable of achieving them. Pretty much DON'T give me the false sense of security that a gluten free menu offers. LET ME KNOW when to come in - when the "good chef" is working using instant information methods (internet/facebook/etc.) or even a sign outside ONLY when that person is working. Honestly, the status and demand that this could establish and create could motivate other chefs to up their gluten-free game and get better at CC issues - especially if it one day became an industry standard. I know people who go to gym classes, following the instructors who match their own preferences/needs best. Why can't we become "chef groupies" who follow and support the chefs who support us and care about our safety?
  2. Almendra


    I almost wish that the Olive Gardens that have ONE chef who really gets it would just put up a "Now serving gluten-free." sign on their webpages/storefront when that chef is in so that their capabilities are less in question than their availability. If someone can't/won't get it, in the interest of our health and safety, I wish they wouldn't even try.
  3. If you use a lip balm, make sure it's gluten free.
  4. I LOVED that these were one product that I could buy anywhere that actually say "Gluten Free" on the label/boxing. But, I soon realized that my lips would get irritated whenever I used them. Did this happen to anyone else? Or is this just a completely different allergy all my own?
  5. I do think that using these products is on a personal trial and error basis. You have to consider the following: *How sensitive you are (are you still getting sick while using a certain product every now and then - when there seem to be no other possibilities) *How prone you may be to make an absent-minded mistake that could end up with "trace ingestion" of these products (forgetting to wash hands before touching food after application - or being rushed and eating while applying). *The possibilities within your own budget There may be more things to consider, but these three have been the most important factors in my product choice decisions.
  6. Almendra


    Olive Garden does get abysmal ratings when it comes to gluten free.
  7. After calling Neutrogena, Revlon, L'Oreal, Maybelline, etc. I started to pick up a pattern. Will they put their assurances in WRITING. Many will not. From some companies, I got a positive answer from the call line, and a we cannot comment or assure you of that in an e-mail when I sent a separate e-mail request to the same company. I repeatedly got answers that referred me to the call line, where I would get a representative where everything (or most everything) I asked about was magically "gluten-free." But the company would put nothing in writing (a Neutrogena rep even informed me that they don't have e-mail so she could not send me the list in writing). After a while, I got suspicious. And really, when a company gets as large as some of these are they get their product components from bidding for the lowest price possible from multiple vendors. The company has not overseen every component of their products from start to finish; many times(or even most of the time) they cannot guarantee the exact sourcing or lack of contamination of the products. Maybe, just maybe, they are too big to really care about little ole us.
  8. Almendra

    Questions On Coping In General

    It IS hard to forget when you don't feel just right. I try to do something fun that does not have to do with food. Something active that can get my mind off any discomfort. Many times, by the time I'm done, I feel better. There is life outside food. Meanwhile, about 8 months into my diagnosis I was still not doing great occasionally, I started looking at things that were not food, such as hand lotion, hand soaps, or makeup/face lotions (not that you wear makeup - but if you do, it could contribute ) - anything that could cross-contaminate my food somehow. OR... Have you been carousing with glutened women and their poisonous lipstick/Chapstick/etc.? (Sorry, speaking of makeup, have to mention this.)
  9. Me: I can't have gluten anymore or I will get sick - so no wheat, rye, or barley. Aunt: Well, you can still have white bread. Me: Nope. It's made from wheat - the flour is just bleached. Aunt: Hmmm. So, you can have self-rising flour. Me: [silence]... uh... no... also made from wheat. I could just see her sending me a big gorgeous "gluten-free Carrot Cake" (one of her specialties) made from Self-Rising flour! Now she calls me with info she learns about the disease and what I can have.
  10. Almendra

    Hotels.... Safety...

    Is there a hotel or hotel chain that "gets" it yet? I can find the occasional restaurant where I feel safe, valued, and understood. BUT... are there any hotels that are making the leap?
  11. Almendra

    When Do You Speak Up?

    seemingly silent... but sometimes, oh, sometimes... silent but deadly So sorry, couldn't resist.
  12. Almendra

    Is It Just Me?

    I hope that they find an answer for you. There is such a thing as unresponsive Celiac Disease - I think it's Refractory Disease (or something like that). Joe C (Kid Rock's friend) had that, I think. There is also a DNA test to see if the gene for Celiac is even in your DNA (being a genetic disease). If it's not, then, from what I understand, then there should be no way you have Celiac - and back to the drawing board. I don't know if either set of information could be helpful to you, but best wishes on your recovery, all the same!
  13. Almendra

    When Do You Speak Up?

    So true. Pot lucks are danger zones because other attendees are not plugged in to CC. My sister-in-law has a child with a severe milk allergy - so she understands. She tries out gluten-free recipes, but acknowledges that her kitchen is not a safe one for me to eat from. She just tells me if it tasted good or not.
  14. Almendra

    When Do You Speak Up?

    It is so hard. A friend offered to make something gluten-free for me for a shower she was having. I just had to confess to her all of the "accomodations" I've had to do in my home kitchen to keep me safe (after trial and sickness, trial and sickness) - and assure her that I CANNOT expect anyone to do that. Truly, my mother is the only one who takes my needs so seriously that I haven't gotten sick at her home. She bought cookware for my visits and everything. But REALLY, that is the nature of my super-caretaker mother. I wonder if they would let you research a caterer that provides celiac safe options. I've been there. It is SO depressing when something that is meant as a morale booster leaves you resentful. A few companies I've worked for have definitely used food to boost morale when the owners/management make work life over-stressful and sometimes even ridiculous. Food really can smooth things over.
  15. Thanks for the info on the bakery. I'm a newly diagnosed Celiac/Colitis, but an old nearly 65 yr old that doesn't understand how to blog. I probably shouldn't order from that bakery as I've gained weight in the past 2 mo. Please be my friend. I need help with this