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In late 2008 I went to visit my doctor with nearly daily headaches, stomach irregularities, and a growing need for more and more sleep. It was harder and harder to keep up my high-energy ways.

He did some blood tests for anemia and sent me to a neurologist for the headaches. As my neurologist looked over my family history and test results (for anemia), she wondered aloud why they had not just gone ahead and tested me for Celiac Disease.

I went home, looked it up, and decided I didn't want to have that.

I did not broach the subject with doctors again, but my headaches reduced with iron supplements and a focused diet.

My stomach issues only worsened. I noticed a strange pattern: I could eat beans for days, but my stomach seemed to react much more violently to a pizza than to massive amounts of fiber.

After over a year, I returned to my general practitioner and asked to be tested for Celiac Disease. This doctor told me that it wasn't likely, but I assured her that I was pretty sure by now that it was likely.

The blood test came back very positive. The biopsy confirmed it. I am now, in June of 2010, only 6 months into the joys of watching symptoms I'd lived with for years melt away with diet change. I didn't know I could feel this good.

I am still not terribly talented at knowing how best to avoid gluten. I keep making mistakes - and learning a new lesson.

  1. Thanks for the info on the bakery. I'm a newly diagnosed Celiac/Colitis, but an old nearly 65 yr old that doesn't understand how to blog. I probably shouldn't order from that bakery as I've gained weight in the past 2 mo. Please be my friend. I need help with this

  2. I saw you sign yourself: a girl who liked twinkies, and had to comment. Yesterday was my daughter's first gluten-free birthday. We found this gluten-free bakery that will ship their goods, that you can order from on-line. They make gluten-free twinkies! They call 'em winkies, heh.

    You can find them on google: Gluten-free Creations Bakery. :-D

  3. I am really beginning to feel that when I contact a company and I get a list of ingredients to avoid - even when I've asked about gluten-free - that the "list of ingredients" is nothing more than "proceed at your own risk - and not at our liability". These lists don't address cross-contamination...