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  1. I have had quite a few of the same problems as you. I have had family members basically laugh at me and say things like "oh sorry for you!!lol" and "why cant you just eat it and deal with it" kind of crap. Luckily most of these people aren't blood family (Mom's husband's family)otherwise I would probably be totally heartbroken although it is very annoying either way. Its sad how so many people don't take food allergies/intolerances seriously. How they brush it off like "oh its not going to kill you" ... I have heard that one a few times. I have been lucky. My husband is very supportive and helps me day to day. My Dad is very supportive and so is his girlfriend, who her brother is Celiac. She is so wonderful and always makes food for me during family gatherings. It is so nice to go somewhere and be able to sit down with your family, have a meal and not worry about explaining yourself all the time or worrying about what you are putting in your mouth.
  2. I second that! If there isn't one, it is VERY helpful to have a support system (family, friends etc). After a year I still have issues with some family members, and I have difficult days still. I remind myself how much better I feel and how much more I can do with my life now, now that I don't live on the toilet... The first couple months were pretty rough for me too. Starting to heal and learning how to eat in a whole new way, it was tough! Now I don't even look back...sure there are some foods I missed but I have found many great alternatives and some are better than the original!
  3. Adrienne2823

    It's Official

    After a full year I have just been able to tolerate one type of coffee: Folgers Simply Smooth. Every other type of coffee wrecks my gut so bad... No Starbucks No super strong coffee brewed at work either But if you are willing, give the simply smooth a try.
  4. Adrienne2823

    What Do You Miss?

    I miss the social aspect...potlucks, family dinners etc. I feel like an outcast sometimes but I do not miss being sick at all! I do miss: Picking up a quick cheeseburger meal.. A REAL smothered (flour tortilla) burrito at a mexican restaraunt Pizza (as dairy kicks my butt too...)
  5. Adrienne2823

    Denver - Abrusci's Italian Restaurant - Kudos!

    YES! Big kudos to them. I have been there several times for dinner and have never had a problem. This place is wonderful!!!
  6. Adrienne2823


    I eat at my local Chipotle at least twice a week, sometimes more...with no problems at all. I just eat a chicken fajita bowl with rice, no beans, pico, green salsa and guac. I don't get lettuce in fear of cc from them handling tortillas previously. Perhaps people are reacting to something they didn't know they had an allergy/intolerance to. I stopped getting the corn salsa after I noticed I had major problems after eating it and the following day.
  7. Adrienne2823

    Glutened, Dammit

    Sorry to hear you got glutened...I did too last night. It was the first time I ate at someone elses home. I won't tell my mother in law because she was wonderful and went out of her way to make me gluten-free brownies and bought some gluten-free rice...I am not sure how it happened (it could have been how they prepared/marinated the meat or what she used as ingredients in the gluten-free brownies). It has been hard but now I know for the most part I either need to eat before I go or be there to help prepare the food to make sure I do not get sick. Immodium is my lifesaver and a bunch of water...just have to try to make it through the day of work today.