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  1. Thanks everyone! I'll look into this whole "does it have corn gluten in it" thing and go from there and get back to you.
  2. Yeah mine is purely an intolerance that triggers IBS, so for me if I eat anything with it I get the bloating and all the other fun IBS related symptoms. I've been 100% corn free...
  3. Unfortunately I've never heard of that store before. I live in the midwest in the USA. I tried looking up that brand on Amazon but they don't sell it there. As far as the maltodextrin...
  4. Unfortunately that first one does have corn. Anytime you see "Cellulose" in the ingredients, that can be a derivative of corn. I looked at a couple on the second link and they have...
  5. I've had Celiac for the past 15 years now (diagnosed for 9), and just a couple weeks ago I was diagnosed with having a corn intolerance. (sigh) It's been very difficult replacing...
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