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  1. I eat tons of garlic -- I hope that's not one of my problems
  2. The recipe sounds yummy, I'll have to give it a try - thank you. I've tried flax on and off and I seem to have a problem with it. I'll probably try again after things are a bit more under control.
  3. It was Bob's Red Mill and said gluten-free but not certified gluten-free. I have since had butter and been fine, so I'm ruling that out. If I go without dairy for a while, then I have some GI issues when I do have it.
  4. Hi Marilyn. Thanks for your input. The part about your neuro symptoms coming on first is striking a nerve. I think I've been hesitant about blaming gluten as the culprit because most of my symptoms are neuro -- except lately I'm starting to notice some GI symptoms. I really should know better after...
  5. Thank you, it is helpful to hear that. It's so frustrating and it would be nice to see some positive feedback for my efforts every once in a while.
  6. yeah, the butter was new. I don't think I have issues with dairy, but I don't have any good days where I can get a handle on what's causing what. I eat butter fairly frequently, but not much other dairy. Guess I'll drop that for a while. I'm at the barn as much as possible - although lately I...
  7. I hear ya, it's so freaking maddening. I thought I was going to get to see my horse today and I completely ruined that by eating... and it wasn't even something bad... I hate that.
  8. I was reading the "Discouraged" thread and I'm having similar problems -- I too just started going completely gluten-free so I'm not expecting to feel better for a while. But, I was doing okay this morning until I ate this. Now it feels like my blood pressure is up and I feel a little sick and nauseous...