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  1. That's really great to hear! Thank you for sharing, and for the link
  2. Are you ok with oats in other products?? The Crunchola is only allowed to be labelled 'wheat free', not 'gluten free' in Aus due to the oats it contains. Just curious about your experience, as I've not tried oats in anything since going gluten free.
  3. Also - if anyone is around Brisbane, the MOST DELICIOUS bread I found was from SOL Breads. (You can find the website from the name if interested.) They have a store/cafe, but also supply a number of health food stores. They have a range, but I've only had the gluten-free mega grain, and the rice...
  4. I saw the bellyhoo pies, ravioli and some other pasta things at Coles today. I bought one of the vegetarian lasagne's, knowing it'll mean pain to eat it (other food problems), but with the hope of enjoying something as a rare treat. I was curious about the ravioli, but I used to enjoy eating pasta...
  5. I'm glad it was a positive phone call! Good to know they test for gluten, and I agree - they should make that information available on their website! I hadn't considered different varieties of potato being the cause of flavour changes, but I suppose, 'why not'. (It's easier to believe this since...
  6. Thanks, I'd appreciate that! Hope you get some answers and that it's not a cc issue. Although, for the sake of you finding out the problem, I suppose it would be good to know you could pin it on these and move forward with your health. (Also - I re-read and you did say the plain ones - sorry about...
  7. This will be a bit rambling - sorry - tired. I have problems with potatoes, but am also on very few foods, and this is the one processed food I, unfortunately, still 'cheat' with when I am too tired to cook. So - I'm probably not much help, because these cause problems for me anyway. I wasn't...
  8. Sorry to hear you're dealing with this. I am fairly similar. My 'safe' foods number about 10, and the only one of them I actually 'like' is sea salt. But, hopefully things will get better for all of us. Just wanted to say - (and someone else has mentioned salicylic acid), look into salicylates...
  9. Rice has me yawning after a few minutes, with an elevated heartbeat and large, dark red patches under my eyes, and I'm asleep within half an hour of eating it. Sorry I can't be of any help - I haven't yet tried adding it back in, as I'm still healing and still developing more intolerances. Glad...
  10. Haha - I'm bad like that too - I always think, 'Well, I just want to try a little, just to see how it tastes'...but I mean a little of each thing I've bought.. Hope you can enjoy the Cherry Berry soon
  11. I'm expecting to find the same thing (that each new flavour I try becomes, 'the best!'). Most of my family are buying the raspberry flavour now as their first one to try..I'm still going for Three Berry next though , but I'll get to it, and probably think of you when I do haha!
  12. Which is your favourite? We don't have the full range over here yet, but I believe they're working on it! It took me ages to decide between three different flavours of jam. I eventually chose Strawberry, but next I'm going for Three Berry...which won't be long now, since I can't stop eating jam....
  13. Has anyone tried 'Anathoth' jam? (They make chutneys and relishes also.) Lots of different flavours...I'm planning to try them all. I searched my local supermarket and found them to be the ONLY brand without any corn additives (yes, even the 'organic' brand failed my test). Better yet - it tastes...
  14. "Thoroughly researched and prepared for inevitable chocolate attacks", not, "Naughty" !!
  15. Thanks - that's helpful . I'll plan a weekend when I have nothing important to do, just in case, and give it a try sometime - it does look fantastic!