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  1. At 34 weeks - almost 35 weeks, I'm still under my pre-pregnancy weight. I have an ultrasound again next week because I'm measuring small. Thankfully, I've had very aggressive, preemptive treatment that has made this case a lot milder than my last. I was on partial bedrest for 6 months with my...
  2. That's very interesting, especially about the smoking. I am also on a hypermesis forum, and it's not uncommon for the women there to use medicinal marijuana. I don't use it, but many women say it's the only thing that works. I stick with Zofran, unisom, nexium (Reglan and Phenergen before developing...
  3. I was just wondering if anyone else has suffered Hyperemesis Graviduram during their pregnancies. I have now had it with both pregnancies. I have always wondered if their was a connection b/w the two, and if it might be auto-immune related. I'm sure the damage from the Celiac didn't help the...
  4. I should have joined this board a couple of years ago!