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  1. Ithaca, Ny?

    I recently moved to Ithaca, NY from CA - Anyone out there? Anyone interested in starting a gluten-free dinner group?
  2. I just moved to Ithaca, NY and am trying to locate a good doctor (who works with other Celiac patients a plus) - Anyone out there know of any? THANKS!
  3. Has anyone done an herbal body cleanse, specifically a colon cleanse? Is this safe for Celiacs? Has anyone done colonics? I've been researching about the large amounts of waste, toxins, parasites, worms that accumulate in our colon. People who do either herbal colon cleanses or colonics expel the nastiest of things from their bodies. This buildup of waste, toxins, parasites, and worms can cause IBS, chronic fatigue, gas, bloating, etc. Check out http://www.drnatura.com/ and look at the picture gallery. What do you all think? Also, I was glutened last Tuesday and Friday ate sushi and ever since have been not feeling well at all. Anyone experience adverse affects from sushi after being glutened? Thanks for any input, suggestions, etc!
  4. Gluten-Free Beer http://www.ramapovalleybrewery.com/common...._glutenfree.jpg
  5. Hi Heather, I too was dizzy and nauseous to the point where I could not go anywhere including the store, around the block, to a friend's house, etc. Originally, the Dr. sent me to an ENT Dr. because they thought it was an inner ear problem. Once I went gluten-free, my symptoms subsided. However, I was unknowingly ingesting gluten through this 100% Ocean Spray Cranberry Mixed Berry juice I was drinking and not feeling well. Finally, I called Ocean Spray and yes, the natural flavors in that juice contains gluten. One thing you may want to try is being ultra strict with the gluten-free diet. Make sure you have little to no processed/packaged foods in your diet. Cross-contamination in factories is a huge issue, and if you are just starting out on the gluten-free diet and your symptoms are still evident, I would recommend being as strict as you can. Personally, I've noticed that the stricter I am, the better I feel. Good luck! I hope you feel better soon - I know how uncomfortable it can be... Jen
  6. I love eating sushi at Japanese restaurants and they stock San-J Wheat-Free Tamari. If not, I'll bring my own. I avoid the wasabi and ginger, although I do miss them. Miso soup is safe - it's just soy beans, water, and sea salt. Be careful if you order sushi with tofu - they usually marinate tofu in soy sauce.
  7. I just read "Against the Grain: The Slightly Eccentric Guide to Living Well Without Gluten or Wheat" by Jax Peters Lowell. The author gives a ton of suggestions and helpful tips for eating out, cooking at home, etc etc etc. Plus the author has gluten-free cards you can photocopy in the back of the book that are translated into many different languages for those of us who love to travel internationally.
  8. Like many of us, I went undiagnosed for 6 months. My first Dr thought I had a brain tumor (because of dizziness, headaches, chronic fatigue, nausea) and I had a CT scan (negative). Next the Dr thought I had early signs of MS (because of tingling in my extremities, plus all other symptoms) and I had an MRI (negative). Then they thought it was a thyroid condition (negative blood test), next Addison's Disease because I had low blood pressure (negative), inner-ear disorder (dizziness, vertigo, brain fog), etc etc etc. I was referred to an internal medicine Dr who tested me for everything (except Celiac), including most communicable diseases, and all tests came back negative. Now I know what I don't have! My main symptoms were chronic fatigue (I went from running 5 miles/day to not being able to walk around the block or go to the store), brain fog, dizziness/lightheadedness (feeling like I was going to pass out numerous times a day), nausea, diarrhea, muscular aches, headaches, weight loss, anxiety, depression, tingling in fingers and toes, cold, shortness of breath, generally feeling uncomfortable all the time. Now I've been gluten-free for about 15 months and every symptom has disappeared. The stricter I am gluten-free, the better I feel. Sometimes, however, gluten sneaks by and I'll have diarrhea and get fatigued and not feel well, but in general, I feel like my old self again.
  9. I returned last week from the Natural Products Expo West convention & sampled so many new gluten-free food products! These are just a few of my new favorites: Annie's is coming out with a gluten-free Rice Mac & Cheese, available in May. Delicious - tastes just like regular Annie's mac & cheese. 1-2-3 Gluten Free makes a delicious pan bar mix - I highly recommend! Super moist & you can't tell it's gluten-free. Food for Life has new gluten-free brown rice tortillas. Enjoy Life Foods has yummy gluten-free rye-less rye bread & gluten-free bagels. Save the Forest has delicious gluten-free nut bars in Cranberry Nut and Banana Chocolate Nut - really tasty, esp for those of us who miss granola bars or other energy-type bars. Their trail mix is also gluten-free. And of course Amy's Kitchen gluten-free meals are ALL delicious. Bob's Red Mill gluten-free mixes are also all delicious.
  10. Are Hershey's Eggs (Candy Coated Milk Chocolate) gluten-free? How about Easter (pastel colored) plain M&Ms? Thank you!
  11. Mi-Del is good, but my favorite is EnviroKids Vanilla gluten-free Animal Cookies - These are DELICIOUS!
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