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  1. I didn't say that we must try to have zero impact on the planet (impossible), or that we must live in some mountain top cabin and collect rainwater and forage for seeds in the forest all day long. That just sounds like an attempt at minimization aimed at the facts I offered in my previous post. You give a reply which is caricatural of what I am trying to offer for solutions to counter a real problem and to have an important positive impact on the planet, its ecosystem and its inhabitants. I highly doubt most people here or anywhere have so many food intolerances that they must eat loads of animal products to thrive. I think most times, it is an unwillingness, an unpreparedness to change one's diet. When one is ready to do so, they will do it. I cannot change other people's choices, but I do not like to be ridiculed for my positions on very real issues. And I am well aware that should soy be an issue, there are lots of other vegan possibilities, as opposed to consuming meat and dairy. There are also lots of grains other than cereal grains that are available, like quinoa for example. Tell me you can watch the movie Earthlings and sit down comfortably for a meat dinner or a snack of yogurt. I can no longer do it. And yes we can and should do our best to at least reduce meat and animal by product consumption (because even just reducing will make a difference) and we should eat with awareness, not numbness.
  2. It sounds like it might be worth trying to go soy free for a couple of months. I might give it a try! Just a note though, I eat only organic soy whether it is in soy milk, soy dessert or tofu. So we can scratch the GMO and the pesticide issue off the list. Just a note about this comment: "I'd ditch the soy for "ecological and humanitarian" reasons way before I'd ditch the dairy ! Cows are solar powered, eat grass, hay, and take in sunshine and give us milk and beef and leather. If you want to make a difference, get after Congress to stop being so hostile to organic farming and smaller farms. Soy requires massive amounts of petrochemical fueled vehicles, fertilizers." As far dairy goes, not only do I not need dairy to live, but the whole industry is disgusting in my opinion. In order to get dairy, you need to empragnate cows year after year after year, and each time a calf is born, it is taken away within a few days to be isolated into a crate to become veal. When the dairy cow is exhausted, her used up body is sold for cheap meat. So not only do I not need to consume dairy but I do not wish to contribute to the industry. This happens even in the best cases of organic dairy. As far as cows go, most of the industry is comprised not of cows who are free to roam and feel sunshine and eat grass and hay, but of cows who are confined and eat can harldy move and eat grain (which gives them infections) and animal flours. Still, even organic beef comes form cows who have to endure poorly legislated and regulated transportation ( not only are they carmmed with no air or water for sometimes DAYS, but this takes up huuuuuge amounts of petrochemical fueled transportation, plus think of all the feed that had to be transported to the animals to fatten them up). They also endure horrible slaughter house conditions. Finally, the amounts of grains and land (also fueled by massive quantities of pesticides and fertilizers), water needed to sustain the cows and pigs and other animals we eat, as well as the enormous amount of fuel to used for transportation should convince anyone that it is very ecological and humane to reduce or eliminate one's consumption of meats. So I KNOW my choices are way ecological and humane and that i am making a HUGE difference. See the movie Earthlings if you want to see, or the movie Food Inc.
  3. Hi I have been gluten-free for almost 4 months. My neck and shoulder pain has improved and my nausea is gone. Also, my cracked heals have heeled (weird). 1 week ago I completelly removed dairy. I did it for ecological, humane reasons, but I also know that it can be good for one's health. so far I feel just as tired, just as congested, and actually more depressed than usually (could be the ajustement to the diatery change, or maybe my brain is missing the casein?). How long should one look for improvement when giving up a food? Should I also remove soy and why? I drink soy milk, eat soy dessert, and tofu.
  4. This Earth Day I wanted to post some websites on vegan and gluten free living and recipes. http://www.fatfreevegan.com/gluten-free/index.shtml http://www.vegiac.com/forums/index.php http://www.vegfamily.com/health/gluten-free-vegan-diet.htm http://glutenfreegoddess.blogspot.com/p/vegan-veg-index.html Happy Earth Day
  5. I read that cracked heels can be a symptom of hypothiroidism (and diabetes?)? maybe my thyroid was affected by the gluten? (even if i tested normal for thyroid tests). But it is no coicidence, I am sure that our smoother heels are related to diet change. i had had this issue for years and it was bad, very cracked and dry.
  6. I have had badly dry and cracked heels for years and since going gluten free 3 and a half months ago, they have HEALED! I noticed it a couple of weeks ago! Now it's some calous but no more cracks. before they were deep cracks to the point that i was a little worried. It's just incredible. How can it be?? anyone else?
  7. But lactose intolerance doesn't necesseraly come from villi damage, does it?
  8. Thanks all. I am not sure I have villi damage though. My blood test was negative (tTG) and I have not had a biopsy... but thanks for the info on Yogurt, cheese, ice cream and lactose.
  9. thanks for the thread title "What are your glutened symptoms?". I'll go look. It had been 8 weeks gluten-free for me as well! I had also read that Doritos were gluten-free and once i got the bag home, I read the ingredients and had them anyway I though what the heck, I can handle cheating... we'll see how it goes. Mayber I AM coming down with a cold.... I had been feeling tired for a couple of days... But i do have bad cramps and nausea this morning.... Is it possible to get cramps and nausea for days (or longer) after having just a BIT of wheat flour?? Oh and the other food that doesn't sit well with me is ice cream. I LOVE ice cream and we have a great, gluten-free local brand here and I love it. But it gives me a lot of gastro symptoms (which cheese and yogurt do not. oh and I NEVER drink milk). Why does ice cream bother me so much? (It is LABELED gluten-free so it can't be CC)? I'll go look at the other thread.
  10. What causes that? Can you link some articles that talk about those symptoms?
  11. Hi, Maybe I am totally off here but I ate a bag od Doritos yesterday and I noticed they have wheat flour in them. I went to the store and bought a bag, i was craving them so badly for days and when I got home I checked the ingredients and there was wheat flour in them...... I admit I saw that before i ate them and ate them anyway, I caved. It had been 2 months I had been gluten-free and I've been feeling better. Anyway today I have nausea and pretty bad heartburn. and I am achy like when you are getting a cold, plus sore eyes, headache, light chills and tired. Just like when you start to get a cold... Maybe I AM getting a cold, and it is pure coincidence. Just wondering if it could be gluten related. ?
  12. Interesting, up until a few weeks ago I was craving almonds almost constantly and eating easily a half cup a day. The doctor said I was low in iron (though not anemic), so that could explain the incredicble fatigue I have during, and the week after my period. (still tired all the time, it is just worst during those times). Aside from that all my tests were normal including negative for anti gliadin and tTG.
  13. I have decided to stay gluten-free even with negative test results. I feel this is the best thing for me. I have contacted the hotel where I will be staying and they will accomodate gluten-free for me. So people can be really understanding!
  14. I called my doctor and received the news: anti gliadin (which I didn't know she tested for) is NEGATIVE tTG (anti transglutaminase) is NEGATIVE I don't get it. why is my nausea gone and neck and shoulder pain so much improved? Am I crazy? could the tests be wrong? Is it that there are many proteins in the "gluten" family and gliadin is just one of them and in fact I very well COULD be gluten intolerant, at the very least (even if not celiac)? Does that result mean I can relax and not be so worried about cross contamination if I eat out? I'm going on a trip and have been really worried about the food at the hotel. Should I stop worrying about it? Should I stay gluten free? What should i tell my family and friends???
  15. That makes sense. Have you noticed a lot of improvement (except when you have your period obviously!) since you went gluten-free? With what symptoms? My neck and shoulders are better, but if I get too stressed (like today at the emergency vet hospital with my dog) or spend too much time a the computer, I still hurt quite a bit. And the fatigue is still pronounced, espeically if I am stressed out.
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