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    taking care of my 5 children and 5 dogs! Reading and writing...
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I am a stay at home mom of five wonderful children! We also have five dogs! I have gluten issues, and other allergies...I am a positive, happy, person, and so glad that I get to be home to take care of my children!!!

  1. I am making taco pizzas for dinner tonight... I use Udis pizza crust and use salsa and refried beans mixed together as the sauce...Load it with veges, taco meat and cheese. Bake it and add lettuce and crushed corn chips on top...It's one of my favorites!!!
  2. I have noticed since I can now longer eat gluten, I have been eating alot of popcorn. It is popweaver butter-microwave, which is gluten free. I seem to be replacing a bag with lunch everyday. I know it's not healthy-but I am addicted. My hands actually tremble until I eat it. I think I am truly addicted-like a popcornholic... Should I go cold turkey--I know I should but tomorrow I will just think, Oh maybe tomorrow I will stop eating it.....
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