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  1. I have a quick question regarding testing for DSs. DS#1 was tested for celiac (my grandmother and DH's grandmother both had it and my mother has it - my testing has come back negative two times) at age 7. I've been told that celiac can show up at any time and especially with the family history it might be a good idea to have DSs (now they are 7 and 9) tested every other year "in case". What are your thoughts?
  2. 2nd - I always ask for test results - my own and my families and I've never been questioned about it at all. Im' sure this is something the doctor's office is used to.
  3. My son also is allergic to nuts [not peanuts] and was allergic to milk and soy as a baby. Just always looking for new and exciting meal ideas with those "restrictions" if you will... what are some things your child eats? DS is 6 1/2 now. [school lunches are the biggest deal right now] Thanks!!
  4. Let's see... My Grandmother had is as does my mother and my 6 yr old son. DH's Grandmother had it and I suspect his mother has it, but she keeps *forgetting* to be tested. DH will be tested next Tuesday and hopefully DS #2 will be tested after that (he's almost 5). I had a blood test which came out negative as did my sister and her children.
  5. redheadheather

    Amazing Walt Disney World Dining Experiences!

    This is so great to hear! We're planning a trip in mid February and staing at Shades of Green with my parents (mother is Celiac) and kids (oldest is Celiac-trying to get youngest tested next). I was a bit concerned, but it sounds like it's gonna be fine! Thanks for the info!
  6. Some of you may already know this... but I just found this out: check this out - gluten free sausages ... they are available at Costco (we dont' have a whole foods or trader joes near us so this is a new discovery) (and other places I'm sure)... and only 4 of the flavors are NOT gluten free... their website is: -------------- Forwarded Message: -------------- From: "Brian Scardina" <> To: <> Subject: RE: Gluten free sausages? Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2006 20:52:19 +0000 The only flavors that are NOT gluten free are the following: Artichoke & Olive Cilantro Green Onion Roasted Red Pepper & Garlic I hope this helps! Brian Scardina Coleman Natural Foods Prepared Foods Group 6807 W. Irving Park Road Chicago IL 60634-2305 P: 773-685-9929 C: 773-617-3519 F: 773-685-8084 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: [] Sent: Friday, January 13, 2006 2:50 PM To: Brian Scardina; Brian Scardina Subject: Gluten free sausages? Due to dietary restrictions several members of my family have (celiac disease-an autoimmune disease which causes in intolerance to gluten [wheat, rye, barley, malt]) I am wondering if you have a list of your products which are gluten free? I've checked some of your sausage packages and they *seem* to be gluten free [those that I've checked], but lable reading can be difficult sometimes. Any help you can provide would be wonderful. We enjoy your products (especially your flavored sausages) and would like to continue doing so. If there is such a list, I would love to share it with our Celiac support group as well. Finding products like this that are readily available, gluten free AND taste great can be daunting. Anyway-Thank you for any information you have regarding this matter. Sincerely, Heather Wiersma
  7. PLEASE post the recipe! I'm always looking for more kid-friendly gluten-free recipes.
  8. That sounds great! We've done it with dried, blenderized gluten-free bread before. We'll have to check that out. Thanks!
  9. No - you can't have it again. Celiac is what damanged your gut - and will begin to damage it again if you being eating it again. That's my understanding anyway.
  10. redheadheather

    What Should I Make

    My son really likes homemade chicken nuggets (coated w/gluten free bread we dry and put in the blender). We tried both baked and fried (he liked them so much he asked for THEM to be his school birthday treat for when other kids bring stuff in!) Tacos are always a hit (you can use ground turkey or chicken instead of hamburger) Grilled chicken Scrambled ham and eggs (they like breakfast for dinner) BTW - My DSs are 4 1/2 and 6. HTH
  11. Could I get one of those too? RedHead-Heather@Comcast.Net Thanks!!
  12. redheadheather

    gluten-free Food List Inside

    Could I also get a copy of that list? Thanks!!
  13. Supposedly it's from the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University and it's a children's cookbook. I hate buying things site unseen and was wondering if anyone has seen this and/or likes it. Thanks!
  14. This is from their site... I have several food allergies. Do any of your sausages contain gluten or dairy products? Also, can you tell me what is in your spice blends? Gluten is an ingredient in soy sauce which we use in some of our sausages. These are Thai, Lamb with Rosemary and Lemon Chicken. As for dairy products, our Pesto Sausage contains Romano cheese. Our spice blends are our trade secrets. However, if you are allergic to any particular spice, please contact us. We will happily tell you if it is in any of our products. They look like they'd be pretty good for quick meals if you avoid the four flavors that have soy sauce in them.
  15. redheadheather

    Who's From Michigan?

    Another Michigander (Michiganian?) here! NW Michigan to be exact.
  16. redheadheather

    Attention Deficit Disorder

    DS's teacher wants him tested for ADHD too. I've told her I think it's a waste of time at this point b/c we are back on gluten until he can get to the ped. gastro. in January. (Makes me scared reading other posts that it could do permanent damage to the brain - ACK). The school is really pushing it though. We have an appointment with an external specialist today actually. I'll tell him about Evan's suspected intolerance and see what he says. I sent a note to his teacher saying that in all probability - any tests we do now will just have to be re-done 3 months or so after we take him off gluten again. What a pain for poor DS.
  17. Thanks! That's the exact one I was looking for.
  18. I know there's a link somewhere to the page with pre-made sheets to give your child's school, teacher, etc. on Celiac Disease... but I can't find it anywhere. Can anyone give me the link or site or directions to it? TIA!
  19. DS was diagnosed this past August w/gluten intolerance... DH's grandmother had celiac and DH has had "food issues" [both allergies and intolerances] his entire life. I asked them if he could get a blood test and they stated if he "wasn't having any symptoms he doesn't need to get tested [this is still part of the quote!! EVEN IF HE HAS IT HE IF THERE'S NO SYMPTOMS IT'S NOT NECESSARY TO BE CONCERNED ABOUT IT"!!! ARGH At this point I just don't know if we should get outside testing done or what. They astonish me.
  20. Thanks - that's what I thought (3 months)... He's been gluten-free for almost 9 weeks.
  21. My son's doctor's office [who I don't particularly trust] told me to keep him on gluten for about 3 weeks before testing him again... I thought I'd read here that it had to be at least 3 months? Can someone tell me how long we need to wait to get him tested? Thanks!
  22. So the doctor group my son sees is now recommending that he go back on gluten for 3 months in order to do a further "more specific" test for gluten antibodies (the TTG one) "not that what they ordered was wrong, but with Evan's results being inconclusive..." GAH - that is SO not what they said initially. They're only doing this b/c I questioned why they only did 2 tests (after reading here what the "normal" full panel includes and checking w/the specialists office) They only ran the IGG and IGA tests and the IGA was negative and IGG was 57. I told my husband that we're just going to say screw it to them... since he has to go back on gluten (he has no symptoms of celiac disease - was tested b/c of family history) we'll take him to a pediatric gastroenterologist and get it done right this time. The worst part was explaining to a 6-year old WHY he is going to eat the foods he initially was told he couldn't and that we MAY have to stop eating them again after his testing is re-done.
  23. redheadheather

    Gluten "challenge"

    No - no real change other than the weight loss. He did have issues w/focusing on school work that cleared up - but it's hard to say if gluten was the culprit there... or mild attention issues that resolved when he got the hang of learning how to read(or he's a normal 6 year old boy ) He was mainly tested because of a strong family history on both sides (my mother and grandmother and DH's mother and grandmother). Just a suspicion about him. He does have recurrent canker sores, periodic stomach cramps (maybe 1x/wk or less)... but it's hard to say what causes those (he still gets them periodically.)
  24. redheadheather

    Gluten "challenge"

    Only the IGG was positive and they pediatric gastroenterologist said that since they only did an IGA and an IGG test, that isnt' sufficient for a diagnosis, especially since one was negative. The only change I can say we noticed in him (health wise and behavior wise) since we started in August is that he lost 5 pounds. I REALLY hate the doctors we see right now - if they'd only referred us to the specialist in the first place like I asked there'd be no questions at this point. So, in your opinion, only the positive IGG test is sufficient? They said that there could be other reasons for that to be higher than normal?? GAH - I just think they have NO CLUE what they're doing.
  25. redheadheather

    Blood Type And Cd

    My mother is A+ and diagnosed celiac. I don't know what blood type my son is. I'm AB+, but then again I tested negative.