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  1. hnybny91

    Gluten Free...just Because

    Ok, so my MIL asked me AGAIN today if I was sticking to this "diet" and why her neighbor down the road can't eat gluten...
  2. hnybny91

    Losing Friends Because Of My Food Restrictions

    I am sorry about your losing a friend. That said, why do you turn down social invites? Either just don't eat (eat beforehand...
  3. hnybny91

    Gluten Free...just Because

    Mu MIL said to me at Easter, "Oh! You are still doing that?" in reference to my not eating gluten. I said, "Yeah, it...
  4. Can someone please explain the above statement in bold to me? I can't have casein either and now I can't have WINE because...
  5. hnybny91

    Truncated Ingredients Lists

    I just bought a big bag of Lay's salt and vinegar the other week and it did not say wheat on the ingredients list.
  6. hnybny91

    Gluten Free...just Because

    I had someone tell me a few weeks ago that they have Celiac Disease too. They also claimed that they can not eat casein...
  7. I was very angry when I put all the peices together too. I have never had a "formal" diagnosis but I don't need one....
  8. hnybny91


    My Dd went gluten free about a month after I did because she has had sever stomach pain since she developed a severe...
  9. hnybny91

    Goddd I Need Some Help!

    When I first went gluten free I didn't care what I put in my mouth as long as it was gluten free. Figuring out that I...
  10. I did the food sensitivity testing which was the IGg testing. It tested something like 180 foods and spices and I also...
  11. hnybny91


    UGH....Is April "Be a bad friend" month ot what? This is one of many "friends who don't get it" threads I have read in...
  12. hnybny91

    Annoying Friends!

    I just don't get why people are like this about those of us that can not eat gluten. You would never be so rude to someone...
  13. I was very angry when I figured out what was wrong with me. After reading a site on celiac disease I had practically...
  14. hnybny91

    Shin And Thigh Bone Pain

    My very first symptom four years before diagnosis was hip pain. By the end every muscle and bone in my body hurt. It...
  15. Oats do not contain the same protein that make us sick but most oats are cross contaminated so unless you find a dedicated...