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    Business Development, motorcycles, dogs, reading, camping, bike riding, hiking.<br /><br />I have been involved with business development for the past 15 yrs. I had to dissolve my business of 5 years due to my diagnosis with celiac disease. You see I was making gourmet dog biscuits and we used whole wheat flour and oats. There were too many things for me to learn about my disease so I sold the business to my partner. Subsequently, my husband and I have become owners of numerous multifamily dwellings. We also have an energy drink business that is promising! Ck out our website.
  1. Buy Pamela's baking mix. Look up Pamela's recipe for sugar cookies on Google and you will have the best sugar cookies ever. They are simple to make!!!!
  2. Let me start by saying, "I am not a doctor." That being said I have done Methacholine Challenge Tests. I have practiced respiratory therapy for over 20 years. From the information you gave. And I understand it is not comprehensive. IMHO it sounds like your son may have exercise induced asthma. Not a huge deal. Your son made it to the fifth level of the Methacholine. That is pretty good. Most people have a reaction after that much irritation. Exercise induced asthma is helped by two things. 1.) the inhaler before strenuous exercise and 2.) strenuous exercise. Keep your eye on him for signs and symptoms of asthma. Treat the exercise induced asthma before it affects him, keep him clear of irritants, such as smog, cigarette smoke and harsh chemicals, and will probably do well. As he exercises symptom free his lungs should get stronger and possibly out grow this reaction. Good Luck. Hope my input can give you some peace of mind.
  3. I went to a Dove Chocolate Discoveries party. Ummm. Right. Well all of there packaging says, "May contain wheat" I ate a couple of things that before I read that that I felt would be gluten-free. Most chocolate is gluten-free. I haven't had a reaction as of now. 2 days later. My question is....Do any of you eat items that say...Processed in a facility that contains wheat or Processed on the same equipment as wheat? Or any variation thereof? Thanks Debbie
  4. I use Eukenuba Puppy formula. No gluten. It's expensive but I try hard to avoid cross contamination that I can control. When he is no longer a puppy not sure what I will feed him. Good luck! I also think there is a thread here if you want to see other thoughts. I asked the same question when I got my puppy.
  5. I am not sure if this is where I should post this question. But here goes. When I was initially diagnosed with Celiac 6 yrs ago there were no labeling laws. So every ingredient had to be read. We were all very wary of the term "natural ingredients" unless specific companies used the term, such as "Kraft". Well now we have labeling laws, I still read every ingredient and put anything with the words "natural ingredient" back. Does everyone do this? Or can I lighten up a little?
  6. No, don't use any product that says "wheat" in any form. I always get sick if I do. Your hair can get in your mouth, you rub your hair with your hands then open a stick of gum and put it in your mouth. Glutened. Not worth the damage. Find something without gluten. Barts Bees has great lip gloss.
  7. Swine Flu Shot

    Sorry but I am a nay sayer. No swine flu shot for me!!! Not enough testing. To much pressure to take it. Not interested. My immune system is compromised even though I am following the diet. Why would I want to put something like that in me. I practice natural health so I will be fine. I am a healthcare worker and I will be wearing a mask all season long to protect anyone from anything I can breath on them. Like my bad breath. It will be better for everyone involved if I just wear a mask. He He
  8. Love Pamela's. Right texture and great taste. Also NaNa's makes some incredible cookies. They are very moist good flavor. Only drawback is a little texture issue. I can't exactly explain it. I know I said they are moist, and they are, but the texture feels a little dry. Maybe it has to do with the flour they use. Definitely worth a try.
  9. Mamaw, do you use bread mixes or do you mix your own ingredients in the bread machine? Did it come with gluten free recipes?
  10. My enzymes go up with each glutening. And mine go WAY up. Like 100x's the normal.
  11. Honestly, I don't think they filter the oil. I worked @ McDonalds and we drained the old oil out and put new in. No filtering unless it is something done inside the fryers.
  12. Hey thanks. I will give that a try as soon as the weather cools down again.
  13. Thank you all for your quick reply! This forum is awsome! Debbie
  14. How careful r u about purchasing chicken? I see frequently the packaging says natural flavorings added. Do you think that is a wheat product to enhance the flavor? Anyone have any thoughts? Debbie www.myefusjon.com/1debbie
  15. How are all of you handling ingredient labels? I was under the impression it was the law to disclose all of the major allergens now. So does that mean that "natural flavorings' will no longer be considered suspicious? If it doesn't say "wheat, oats, barley or rye" on the label shouldn't it be alright? Thanks Debbie
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