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  1. Thank you both. Sorry it's taken me awhile to get back. I have been researching and trying to get my own act together with some autoimmune goodies that include celiac disease (although I'm on top of that). I know now that my teenage son has to avoid gluten as well, and that's taken up a lot of time because he's such a picky eater. As for hubby, he doesn't get much exercise at all. In fact, neither of us does right now. We're buried under five feet of snow and have no money for a health club. I can't stand to be outside right now any longer than necessary. We're slowly getting warmer, but until we do, I am avoiding it as much as possible. He works for the government and does a fair amount of sitting but also has to walk to other buildings on occasion, so there is movement of some degree, and when it isn't unbearably cold, he walks when he gets home, so he's actually more active right now than I am. LIZARD
  2. Hey, folks. I am a new member who posted about my son a couple days ago, whom I strongly suspect is gluten-intolerant (neg for celiac disease). Due to this and my celiac disease, hubby and I agreed to make the house gluten-free, but he's said he still eats whatever he wants when he goes out while he's at work. He also has a very large gut (and is not really a beer drinker), and I am starting to suspect that gluten-free eating is something he really needs to do. He doesn't eat enormous portions of food, yet he could easily lose over 100 lbs. I still have a similar problem, even after 2+ years gluten-free, but I know what my other problem is and am working on it. I just worry about him getting heart disease over this. He was also dx'ed with sleep apnea 2 1/2 years ago (after insistence from me that he get checked because I wasn't sleeping AT ALL, due to his foghorn snoring). We have been married 20 years, together for 24, and I love him with all my heart. He accused me of thinking gluten is bad for everyone (and he may be right, but I don't think I give him grief about it). I'm not sure yet if he has any other possible signs, but this one really scares me. Any thoughts? Do I have a valid concern re his gluten intake? I appreciate any feedback at all! Thanks so much! LIZ
  3. Thanks to you both! I just called them, and the girl I talked with knew the class was coming. I explained to her, and she said they cook the hashbrowns separately and to have the teacher remind the wait staff to make sure all the food is prepared so that there is no cross-contamination. 'Preciate the help! LIZ
  4. Hey everyone! I am a brand-new member who just joined today. I have celiac disease and have been gluten-free for just over 2 years. My 16 yo son (high-functioning autistic) has been tested and was neg, but now I'm almost certain he's gluten intolerant and am in the process of making his diet gluten-free. We are about 85% there and are getting cooperation with the school, too. I have set 3/1 as the date to get him completely off. I found out his class is going to IHOP tomorrow. His teacher was kind enough to call and give me a heads-up, and he says he just wants bacon and hash browns. Would this be okay? Are their hash browns completely gluten-free? I appreciate any input! Thanks so much! LIZ, Drew's mom
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