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  1. Thank you! I'm getting used to cooking, and it is definitely becoming therapeutic for me I'm loving all the veggies. Thanks!
  2. Thank you so much for your input! I will definitely look out Hungry Girl, and the "Biggest Loser" cookbook. I just needed a little direction, and you absolutely were above and beyond. Thank you!
  3. So, I'm in college, and I'm looking for some tips on how to basically just deal with it. I've had symptoms for years, but finally went and got checked out, and lo and behold, Celiac's it was. Anyone have any support/tips for how to do it? My two main staples have been taken away. I've found some decent gluten-free bread, but how do you survive the high prices of gluten-free products? Starving college student has been taken to a whole new level for me.
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