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  1. Wow, I feel I am reading about my own daughter! She is now 4.5 and has been constipated for 3 years, she is on peg flakes everyday that make her have bowel movements (that are still so hard and painful-she holds it) Her blood test indicated celiac, I have it too. She just started sleeping through the night!, She is miserable have the time, cries (screams) over everything, has issues with clothes, shoes, socks. Anxiety. we have been to every doctor possible. Finally her biopsy for celiac is in 2 days! I will let you know.
  2. Hello, I am new to forums, but not new to celiac! I have been Gluten free for 30 years (biopsy at age 7). I am new to parenting though. We have been struggling with my now 4 year old daughter for what seems to be her whole life. I will keep it short, but she has no physical symptoms (except extreme constipation since introducing gluten at age 1). It is her extreme tantrums that have me questioning if she is celiac. These are not just toddler tantrums these can last from 30 minutes to 1 hour, top of the lungs screaming. I did get her blood test done when she was 3 results: IgA 1.6 (range <12 U/ml IgG 34 (range <12 U/ml IgA AB 1.2 <10 U/ml I have no idea what that means, except her IgG is very high. My sister and brother also have celiac. I know with family history and blood test she is at a higher risk, but would you get her tested if she has no pysical symptoms. THe wait time for a biopsy is 7 months!
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