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  1. My daughter's Ttg was >100, her twin brother's was only 18, she has already had the EGD, he is still waiting to see the GI doctor, one of her symptoms is extreme constipation and stunted growth. She has not grown since her 3 year check up, she is almost six now. Go with your gut, my son is pretty much asymptomatic, he is not big by any means but he grows, has no problems with his bowels and eats well but I have to get the EGD done to confirm because I just have to know for sure and I think that if you don't get that confirmation you will always wonder and it will bother you. I agree you can try gluten free for a few months but do need to have the gluten in her system for the biopsy to produce the results you need. The thing that really upset me was that my son's pediatrician's office told me that if he's not having any symptoms that not to worry about it. I hope you find the answers you seek. Good luck to you, it can be a difficult process.
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