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  1. I am making bread. Can I just do a one to one switch with xan vs guar?
  2. this is an old recipe that you all may already have tried: http://aprovechar.danandsally.com/?p=228 (I tried it the first time a couple days ago and was so disappointed. My daughter and I still loved it but it onlly seemed useful for breakfast. Reminded me of anadama bread... molasses taste. Also didn't seem to cook right. It got really brown on outside but seemed to stay gooey inside. Well, since my daughter liked it and I thought it was good for breakfast) I just tried it again... I lowered the oven temp to 350 degrees and did not follow instructions to put foil on bread. I think I cooked it 30 mins and then checked on it. Toothpick came out clean. Just tried it fresh from the oven. It tastes perfect. I will love to use it for sandwich bread... doesn't have strong taste.... Not sure what I did before. AMAZING PERFECTION!!! VERY EXCITED!!!! My husband tried it this morning and said "YUM. Tastes like bread"
  3. it doesn't sound possible than as the owner would not have gluten products. did you bring it home to eat? maybe something in your home? if you have gluten eaters there it is possible.
  4. I am very confused. I used Ragu traditional spag sauce on a pizza for supper last night since it was all I had. Everything else I made from scratch. After that she exhibited what I consider her classic glutened signals. I am very new to all this so maybe I am wrong about her signals. The sauce does not show any gluten ingredients. I am so confused about the fact that products can be made where they make gluten products... would this be possible for a spag sauce? I'm really confused about what else could have caused her to have sudden onset of problems last night...
  5. In 5 days she has now gained a little over 1 1/2 pounds!!!
  6. My daughter is now gluten free and doing so much better. She used to wake up throughout the night and now goes all night. She seems so much more peaceful and now that you mention it she's been going to sleep so much easier too.
  7. and also if you have a better idea... I am looking for something fluffy and yummy.
  8. any idea how to make this gluten free? what is the rule with replacing flour with perhaps cornstarch? 1:1 or something else... LONG JOHN SILVER BATTER Read more about it at www.cooks.com/rec/view/0,165,158161-239200,00.html Content Copyright
  9. hi! I bought the Argo at my local store. AWESOME!! You may want to recheck Clabbergirl... when I looked at it in the store on the label it said processed on equipment which also processes wheat and some other stuff. Maybe this is a new change.
  10. yea, it would be alittle much to expect others to keep track of all of it.
  11. Thank you guys. I'm very excited!!! Brooklyn family - that is awesome!!!
  12. hi... thanks for all of your input. I was going to get on here to write the reason I don't like saying gluten sensitivity is that it just doesn't do it justice... I mean in the book I read it said this is when people are ok having a little but alot gets them in trouble. I seem to get in trouble with even a little bit. I think it would work to tell people that I have found that I have a glutence intolerance - makes me sick to eat. thanks!!!
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