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  1. Hi! I've been trying in vain to find out if cosmetic companies can process gluten contianing ingredients so they are gluten free? For example can you process the gluten out of hydrolyzed wheat protein and avena sativa? I'm looking into Arbonne and they claim they process out the gluten from the gluten containing ingredients. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. I'm with you on wanting your Grandma to feel better. I want that for mine too, but they get to a point in life where to them it's to hard to change what they've always known. I've always linked my Gma's stomach problems to her gastric bypass surgery some 20+ years ago. I know now it could be more but even with her other health issues she barely cooperates with doctors orders. She lost my Gpa after 64yrs of marriage 15mths ago and since then limits the amount of medical intervention she wants. I say things to my Mom that maybe Gma should do this or that and she says she won't do it. Bascially if they are happy feeling bad then you have to let them be. The older they are the less likely they are to change. My gma loves to bake and is an awesome baker! I'll miss that. I have also mention my brother getting tested to his wife, but she doesn't want him to be hypocondriact(sp?)about something else. He always feels tired all time and gets sick very easy with just about everything. He has had thyroid cancer and has sleep apnea so he doesn't sleep well either. I also have a 2nd cousin who a couple a months ago was diagnosis with a severe vitamin D defecincey. She was trying to get a fibro diganosis and didn't and last year had possible gallbladder problems. I sent her a message and said it was me putting in my 2 cents and something to think about. Thats all you can do. Send the letter with love and accept her choices. It's hard when you just want to help people you love and they don't want to help themselves. Good Luck!
  3. I don't know about Alber's either. I contacted Quaker about theirs and they said they can't guarentee their grits or their Oats because of the wheat products manufactured in their factory. Bob's Red Mill has Gluten Free Corn Grits.
  4. I don't know about Alber's either. I contacted Quacker and they said they guarentee any of their products even the corn grits are gluten free because of the factory thing are processed in. Bob's Red Mill has gluten-free corn grits.
  5. I have only been gluten free for like 2wks but dairy free for 4 1/2 months because I'm breastfeeding and my little guy doesn't tolerate much dairy. There is Best Life Buttery spread at Walmart that is gluten free too. Almond Milk is yummy. As for ice cream natural food stores have Purely Decadent Frozen dessert which is dairy and gluten free. It's not ice cream but it's as close as you can get dairy free. You can also get dairy free cheese, sour cream, cream cheese. I tried the dairy free shredded cheese and didn't really like it but I'm fussy. The tofu stuff unless you like tofu is yucky. Oh! check your chocolate. Go semi sweet gluten free say goodbye to milk chocolate. Sorry. I was not happy about that one. I'm slowly bring dairy back hoping to be there by the time summer is in full swing. Must have ice cream in the summer. hope all goes well for you.
  6. I actually just got suave professionals shampoo & conditioner needed to try something different for my hair as I am still dealing with postpartum fall out and it needs help so It's good it's ok. My brother's family will be getting what my husband and daughter won't probably eat. My husband is a baker and comes home wth flour in and on his clothes. Good thing I am not sensitive to it in the air and by touch. He can get some of the needed no wheat flours and gluten free stuff as he works at a college and they have to accommandate gluten free students. I know I'll get the hang of it and it will get better.
  7. Thanks it does. I have the gastro symptoms. As far I know I don't react to the shampoos and skin products. So, basically I know nothing by mouth that is slightest bit questionable, but shouldn't have to change hair, skin and makeup products unless I react? Unless I want to see if I would react and change those too. Limited budget so don't want to change those if I don't have to.
  8. Thanks! I have the positive early pregnancy and negative after pregnancy results. I didn't know about the personal care items either trying to figure out how careful I need to be with those too. Here is the positive results: Tissue Transglutaminase Antibody IgA 2.9 0 - 3.9 U/mL Interpretation: Negative Tissue Transglutaminase Aby IgG 7.0 0 - 5.9 U/mL Interpretation: Weakly Positive The Negative one: Tissue Transglutaminase Antibody IgA 1.1 0 - 3.9 U/mL Interpretation: Negative Tissue Transglutaminase Aby IgG 1.7 0 - 5.9 U/mL Interpretation: Negative They said biospy showed only slightest change.
  9. I am a newbie extreme newbie as of last Friday the 25th. Not conclusively diagnosis as it only showed mildly on on biopsy. I was put on Gluten free diet for 4 months to see how I feel with out it. I have been asking the same question. It's alot to figure out and take in. Finding out gluten is in mouthwash, medicines, personal care products I keep asking how far do I go with gluten free? Do I stay way when it says MAY contain traces of or was process in factory with? My Sister-in-Law who understands I need to be gluten free still says if they have not conclusively said you have it don't obsess and spend a lot of money or throw out a bunch of stuff til you know for sure you have it. Too me if there's any chance there is gluten in it I properly should stay way. I am just trying to wrap my head around it all being it is too soon to notice any difference yet. Everyone around me is very understanding and working with me so for that I am greatful.
  10. Hi! After one slightly positive blood test at the beginning of pregnancy one negative one after pregnancy and a possibly/mildly postive biopsy result I have been put on a gluten free diet for 4 months to see if that helps. My question is how careful do I have to be with the items like syrup & oatss where the label says may contain traces of wheat processed where wheat products have been processed? Kidney Beans also say this. Is is best to just avoid those foods altogether? Like buy dry kidney beans instead? Since I have not been conculsively diagnosis I am a bit confused. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!
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