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  1. But with probiotics you can create a healthy colon environment rather than taking laxatives which does not help you other than to go to the bathroom. I can't believe no one here takes probiotics!
  2. Probiotics are the way to go. I take Align once a day and my chronic constipation is cured - normal bms for the first time since I was in high school....I am 62 and was diagnosed (blood test and biopsy) with Celiac almost 2 1/2 years ago. I buy Align at Costco. I am vegetarian - eating a plant...
  3. Bacon is delish - no doubt about it! I think that it is great that you have found a diet that works for you - bottom line is not all of us with Celiac react the same to certain foods or even exposure to gluten...finding the path that makes us feel our best is what we all need to do - good luck with...
  4. I appreciate everyone's posts and thoughts. I just came from the doctor and got the results of my extensive blood tests - I am doing great - in fact, I was told to take my iron supplements only every other day instead of every day - probably because of all the leafy greens I'm eating and the fact...
  5. Thanks kenlove! I'm happy to hear that you are feeling better on your vegan diet - you have been eating this way for a while now - very encouraging. So sorry about your heart issues - is the damage repairable through proper diet? I go in tomorrow for my blood test results to see if I am lacking...
  6. Are there any other vegans with Celiac out there? Apparently not.
  7. Hi all, just wondering if there are any vegans out there? My husband and I have been mostly vegans for a little over 3 months (I say mostly because we do eat local, organic egg whites and local honey) but other than that we adhere strictly to an animal-gree diet and nothing we eat has cholesterol...