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  1. That makes me feel better. I have been so paranoid since I got my bloodwork back that I'm thinking about this day and night. I have a family member with Celiac and she didn't get tested until the 1-year mark. We'll see how the next blood test goes.
  2. Hi Evangeline, Thanks for posting. This is very interesting to me. I've noticed that I feel a lot better completely off grains... I was totally grain free for the first month after diagnosis. I've been considered doing the Paleo Diet. I think I may go grain free until my next blood test.
  3. Hello, I had a similar experience as you. I had gone low-gluten (not totally gluten-free.... didn't worry about cc) for about three months on my own because I knew I had an issue with wheat and so I thought I'd try out gluten-free to see how I feel. When I had my check-up with my doctor I told him how great i was feeling and he sent me for an antibody blood test that day. It came back a raging positive. That was after three full months. So, as far as blood tests are concerned, just get it done ASAP. It takes a long time to heal. My doctor had me get a endoscopy to confirm the diagnosis and that is where I had to eat gluten again...four servings a day for a whole month. It was horrible. My advice: Get all your testing done before healing any further. After blood tests, if your doctor decides to do an endoscopy and wants you to eat gluten in preparation, the less healed you are, the less awful you'll feel consuming gluten to prepare for the test. Good luck!
  4. Hello everyone and thanks so much for all of the feedback. I am glad to hear that a few of you feel that testing after three months is early. On gluten-"free" packaged food, I really don't eat a lot of it, but I had tried out a lot of different things in my 3rd month because I had started getting cravings for bread, so maybe I was over-doing it right before my blood test. Regarding gluten free status of bath/beauty products, it's true that most manufacturer's can only guarantee that gluten isn't added. Who knows about cross-contamination? I have directly contacted every company about the products I use and they have confirmed their gluten-free status. I'm not sure what else to do. I also found out that a hair product I was using is full of gluten from wheat. The old packaging didn't indicate this. I'm have very short hair and I'm always twisting it so I guess my hands are just covered in wheat. Between that and my oat-covered dog, maybe it would be enough to keep the antibodies up? Right now I'm going back to whole foods until my blood tests (2 months), we washed the dog with Dr. Brommer's this weekend and we chucked the dog shampoo and the hair product. I was feeling fabulous for the first two months being gluten free. I was sleeping better than ever before and I had more energy and I am a lot more calm in general. I didn't realize how the gluten affected my mental well-being. The past month I've been gassy and more irritable, I am breaking out in terrible acne, and I can't sleep well at all. I've also had a lot of life stress so I thought that was the problem. Thanks again for all of your feedback!
  5. Hello, and thanks for the quick reply. I steer clear of my husband when he has eaten gluten. He also switched to gluten free chapstick. We've made a couple of mess-ups in the past three months....once I actually got sick from it, but not enough gluten-kissing to keep my antibodies up, I would think. Kitchen knobs and handles are something I did not even think of! Thank you for that. I have my own peanut butter and we switched to squeeze bottles on everything else. One more theory I woke up with this morning. My dog's shampoo has oatmeal in it. I figured I could use up the bottle we have and just clean out the tub and wash my up after. We wash her at home in the tub and she doesn't get rinsed that thoroughly. Is my dog coated with gluten? is that crazy? I pet her all of the time and she sheds like crazy. Just another theory. I'm getting desperate here! Thanks!
  6. Hello Everyone, This is my first post, although I have been logging on here A LOT in the past three months...maybe a little bit obsessively at times. This post is a little bit long because I want to be as precise as possible. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease the last week of November (via endoscopy after positive antibody blood tests). The day I got diagnosed with Celiac I immediately went 100% gluten free. My husband and I replaced pots and pans, cooking utensils, tupperware, and started from scratch in our cupboards and refrigerator. We bleached the entire kitchen from top to bottom. Everything that I ingest is gluten free, either inherently or certified gluten free packaged products. I either already used or switched to gluten free makeup (Bare Escentuals and Nars lipstick), lip balm (Chapstick/Burt's Bees), shampoo (Dessert Essence), face wash (Cetaphil), soap and body lotion (Kiss My Face), vitamins (Nature Made, Viactiv), Toothpaste (Tom's of Maine). Also, our dog has food that only has rice in it. No other grains. Plus, I wash my hands every time I feed her. We use Dawn dish soap (gluten-free). I make my own lunch to bring to work and don't eat out often. My husband keeps his gluten stuff in his own cupboard. I don't use the toaster at all. I got blood tests back taken the first week of March, which means I was gluten-free for three months, and one antibody (Iga, I think) was at 122 from 130. My doctor said it should be below 20. The other antibody (forgive me, I forget what the antibodies are) was previously 32 and now it is at 33 (that's right. higher!). According to my doctor my levels could not be this high from a single glutening, so he thinks that I am ingesting gluten daily. I have since double checked or I am in the process of double-checking everything that I possibly could ingest in a day. So far, everything is gluten free. In all of your experiences, my gluten free friends, what are your opinions? I have come up with two theories, but I honestly don't see how these possible scenarios could make my antibodies levels this high. But I'm new, so you never know: -cross contamination from residual gluten on dishes? My husband drinks beer in glasses that we share. -antibiotic ointment or bandaids with gluten? I have an awful nervous habit of biting at my cuticles and picking at my lip...and I've been really bad in the past month because I've been stressed so I've had bandaids and generic neosporin on my finger constantly. I can't find info on the ointment I've been using. -spices I use to cook. per the nutritionist I saw, singular spices shouldn't contain gluten and i switched to McCormick anyway, just in case. i don't use blends. I am getting blood tests in two months. I'm keeping a food journal in the meantime to try to figure this out. Any ideas, however farfetched, would be appreciated. Thank you!
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