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  1. Please write a letter to your state senator and also the FDA. I did this about a year ago and got an excellent response from my senator (Orrin Hatch). He actually contacted the director of the FDA on my behalf (and forwarded me the response) and I think if more Celiacs speak up about these types of situations, we might eventually make some headway.
  2. I've used Bette Hageman's flour for a couple of years now and I love it. I use it as a "normal" flour substitute and for the most part, the food still comes out good. I use it to fry chicken, make gravy, etc.
  3. This makes me so sad. I will keep your friend in my prayers.
  4. Just wanted to let everyone know I just recieved an update from Pier 49. "We have introduced Gluten free pizza in all of our restaurants. Please call the specific location to make sure they have the shells." Yay! I'm going to call the one by my house to see if they have them.
  5. I think we're at $3.05-$3.09 as of yesterday. Sadly, I too remember paying under a dollar a gallon. It's such a scam!!
  6. Yes, I've had tooth issues. 11 cavities in about 18 months, with proper hygiene. This was shortly before I was diagnosed. I have also had hair loss issues, which I attributed to being hyperthyroid at the time.
  7. To my knowledge clots are not a symptom of celiac disease. I'm sorry you had to go through that! I had multiple PE's in 2005, caused by birth control pills. Do you have any clotting disorders?
  8. Here's the response I got, thought I would share. "Right now the only store that has gluten free pizza is Downtown SLC. We are working on getting that pizza in all of our locations. Thank You"
  9. That's what I was wondering too, I live near the Layton one. Here is their website: http://pier49.com/ I'm going to see if I can email them. I'll let you know if I find out anything.
  10. I've been going through the same thing. It is so frustrating. I too have been without a medication for about 3 weeks now due to the fact that I have to get my Dr. to write a letter to my ins. company explaining why I have to have name brand when generic is available. It's ridiculous.
  11. Wow that is just so wrong and seems like such a lazy CYA statement. Guess I'll add Hershey to my letter writing list.
  12. Well I have one, but I was the only person that was going to eat it, so I don't know if it counts, I'll tell it anyway. Just last Thanksgiving I was going to make a gluten-free pecan pie (my favorite!) Anyway, I tried a new recipe and the crust was made out of gluten-free cereal. I used gluten-free frosted flakes type and I'm thinking maybe I should've used a different type. Anyhoo, during cooking for whatever reason the cereal "crust" basically fused into an inedible very hard lump. It looked like glass, lol. The filling was good though!!!!
  13. First of all, don't beat yourself up over it. I did the same thing. I was 100% gluten free for a little over a year and then I dunno...went crazy and was not careful about my diet. I wasn't eating gluten every day, but on a weekly basis. What finally got me in the mindset that this was something I had to do, was when I started thinking about the consequences of not being gluten-free. Also, I spent years being really sick before my diagnosis (over 10 years) and I thought why on earth do I want to go back to how I felt then, when I have a way to be healthy and not have those issues?? I also was of the mindset that a little won't hurt. Well that in itself is wrong, but not only that I felt that for me it was a slippery slope. A little turned into a little bit more and a little bit more. So now I've recommitted myself to being 100% gluten free. In fact I marked the day on my calendar just as a reminder of how well I've been doing. You just need to remind yourself of the importance of staying gluten-free and committing to it. I've found that places like this message board are a great reminder of why we need to stay gluten-free, and are full of great people who have answers to so many things, including many yummy gluten-free recipes.
  14. Before being diagnosed and going gluten-free, I would have to run to the bathroom after eating. It got to the point where I was almost agoraphobic, it was horrible. In fact I didn't fly on a plane for about 8 years due to the fear I had of not making it to a bathroom. Now, if I get glutened it's more delayed and not quite as severe.
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