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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Rachel, Sorry what I meant was there is kosher powdered sugar that has neither corn or gluten,I have only found it once and it was in a can . But then I really dont use it alot so tend to buy and stock up on other foods . Small kitchen and freezer . The marshmellows are good , corn and gluten-free. just small compared to say Kraft . I find corn is almost as bad as gluten , tough to avoid , seems it is in everything. Hope that helps . I don;t know about reg sugars , I thought most were gluten-free .I just use the domino's organic, or honey , mostly honey . rosie
  3. If you want marshmellows corn free , Pass over is close so many of the stores that carry foods for passover will carry both corn and gluten-free marshmellows and sugar for icing. I dont do corn or soy either these are both nice to stock up on just throw in freezer. rosie
  4. beef stew is great in a slow cooker , chilli is another , I do a slow cooked pork butt with homemade bbq type sauce on low all day great , tender . all these meals are easy to do , and stew is cubes of cheap beef lightly browned off in frying pan, put in crock , where you browned beef add an onion or leek chopped , some garlic alittle seasoning, when soft add to crock, then add some chopped carrots, potatoes , both sweet and white, some green beans if you like mushroooms then take pan and add water and heat then pour over everything in crock , should just cover ingred . start and put on low for 6-8 hours . I throw some biscuits on or start a loaf of bread in machine that morning. dinner on . alot of these things can be done on weekends when have more time . clean and baggy vegs , do all chopping, cube meats. divide ,label, then in morning just brown off your meats and throw all in crock , most 20 mins and you can be getting makeup done , whatever while meats are doing browning just lower heat then procede, or brown off meats night before , chill and procede in morning . my chili is the knock off for secret recipe;s wendy;s chilli . I just spice it up with more hot pepers from my garden and change out the beans for part black beans ,part pinto , soak night before and drain off in morning , then add to crock. my bbq sauce is an old recipe ill dig out if u want it but use bottle gluten-free one if you have one you like. just brown off pork but then throw in crock with your bbq sauce at least half way up then turn low and let go 8 hours . the pork will fall apart and smell heavenly, and so good for sandwichs during week or in taco;s . gl rosie
  5. another way to get a crisper cookie is to beat air into the batter then chill. did it by mistake on a cookie that way suppose to be creamy but beat too long and got crisp and crunchy . Our flours seem to reacte alittle diffrent I'm finding. rosie ps I also use yogurt in lots of baked goods it adds tenderness and cuts fats .
  6. Ken, I just converted a recipe for some biscuits and one of the problems was the baking powder wasnt working with the yeast, after much reading found that cream of tartar with yeast is much better, it was suggested because the cream of tartar does not interfer woth the yeasts action. Until I made this change my biscuits were not rising right and getting hard , now with that and addition of sour cream I have a light yeasty tasty biscuit. you may want to rethink the baking powder mix and go for something without it / gl rosie
  7. hi , a few months back 2 recipes were posted for angel food cakes, one is on the back of swan potato starch flour the other was one I had taken off the internet both were tnt and excellent I have also tried the bag one, and found it good but a little gummy and sticky after first day , mine did not do that . If you can not find the tnt recipes I will send it to you or repost . my email is arose1951@aol.com rosie
  8. hi, Like you i am not crazy about using the gums for every recipe . I have been baking alot of years. started cooking at 13 . but only cooking gluten-free 1 year this month . I am slowly converting alot of my old recipes. I have made many of my cookies without any and they have turned out great , every one eats them . With help from some bakers on another site have just converted a few cake recipes, some muffin and my pumpkin bread recipe. my pumpkin bread was soo good and held up for 4 days, well that was how long it lasted,lol . may have been fine longer, we'll never know , I am the only celiac but cook all gluten-free. right now im trying to make a cinnamon graham cracker, cant seem to get it crisp enough ,lol but only beginning. I really think alot of it just has to do with what flour you use. I spent months just learning what each flour is suppose to do. rice is always the texture , a little gritty unless careful potato starch lightens the baked good , tapioca adds the chewyness and cornstarch or arrowroot seems to give some lightness but some type of hold to it . anyway I hope you have good luck and I really dont think gum in everything is necessary , the one exception breads, gluten-free breads need all the help they can get ,lol . this is only my personal opinion. rosie
  9. hi, hope this may help. I have 2 grandchildren 5 ,8 who love chicken nuggets , my home is gluten-free was too sick to even want to see a wheat crumb . I take all my crusts from my made breads any failures ect, then freeze. when i have enough I put in food processor till consistancy I want then add some parsley flakes , fresh is best , a little garlic , either mccormicks or a few fresh cloves , about 1/2 cup of fresh grated parm cheese and pulse a few times . I bag this up and freeze and use as I need for meatballs chicken nuggets ect. adjust spices to your taste and when I get short I just add enough of the energ crumbs to finish whatever Im going to do . then start over. lol good luck rosie
  10. hi , mireille, from delphi ,perfected this recipe , her changes are a few tablespoons of sweet whey and put a pan of hot water under the pan while raising and baking. I have made it a few times with her changes it is excellent . rosie ny it is the delphiforum but cant remember exact site she has tons of recipes and will help anyone with problems on recipes =
  11. coconut milk chilled very cold then whipped gl rosie ny
  12. hi I buy ener g something or other it works pretty good for simple things . buy it in a health food store . it says gluten-free right on box , also they sell it in price chopper here in ny a reg groc store . good luck rosie
  13. [ -- but ill ask my roommate if she knows any tricks for make them chewier.
  14. hi, your doctor who did the biopsy should be able to answer some of your questions. also look for the celiac support group for help on some of the food issues , nearest you.. I hear some of the groups are great and with this disease I think a good support group, being with others facing alot of the same issues ,helps. part of the issues I think is the isolation of celiac disease. I think that with this disease where food is the cure we cant help but be obsessed about our diets and weight issues . I would think its pretty normal. unless you are bulimic or another disorder caused by other issues. from the months of reading and talking to others with celiac disease it seems you can lose alot of weight in the beginning until you start to heal. I lost over 40 pounds and must admit after several months still get up every day wondering what I can eat , how to get enough so I maintain my present weight and not lose more, but still add some variety, due to diffrent reactions to diffrent foods . good luck and I hope you start to feel better soon . after awhile it does get easier there just seems to be a LARGE learning curve because for each person it can be so diffrent . with the only constant being the damage being done to our insides. rosie NY state
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