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  1. That is kind of what I was figuring, thank you so much for that information Lisa! I have been looking on their website...
  2. So my aunt is serving a ham with glaze from Harry and David. None of the ingredients listed indicate the presence of...
  3. I had very strong, painful bloating off and on the first two months I was gluten free, hang in there! I never gave up...
  4. AMom2010


    Congrats to you and your hubby! I found out last week I am expecting #2 and am due 8-9, so we can be gluten free pregnancy...
  5. Don't know about a connection, but I was also told I had it this summer right before I decided to go gluten free. Mine...
  6. Milky way dark bars are gluten free!!
  7. AMom2010

    Update On My Daughter

    Thanks for the reply amberskids. Part of the reason for my frustration is that the advice from her doctor seems like...
  8. AMom2010

    Update On My Daughter

    Well, its been 5 days of gluten free, but 3 of those days were on mega doses of laxitives to clear out her system. I...
  9. AMom2010

    Update On My Daughter

    It sound as though your ped is on the ball, I am glad you were able to get the wheat intolerance diagnosis for school...
  10. AMom2010

    Update On My Daughter

    I suspect gluten because she tested negative for parasites and h. pylori. Her reducing substances tests were also negative...
  11. AMom2010

    Update On My Daughter

    I guess I really won't know until she is completely gluten free... As long as her symtoms improve I don't really think...
  12. AMom2010

    Update On My Daughter

    An update - I am not sure what to think anymore. A little background: My DD began having D at the age of 13 months...
  13. I made it tonight too Marilyn! I went ahead and filled it and covered it so it wouldn't have a film on top. I think...
  14. AMom2010

    Share Your Culture

    My great grandmother (moms side) was from Scotland and her husband was from Norway. My mom's dad's family was from Germany...
  15. My 18 mo DD just started taking Zantac 2 weeks ago. She hasn't been napping as long as she usually does, only 1 hour...