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  1. Your eyes require lutein to function properly. Go on a lutein free diet and you are shooting yourself in the foot- not to mention you will probably starve since it is in nearly everything from leafy vegetables to animal fats. There isn't really any actual scientific evidence that *-free diets are...
  2. Me too, but it makes me sick if I eat it solo. Usually I have peanut butter or cheese at the same time.
  3. For most people, "pretty darned simple" is a bowl of chex.
  4. I'm making chicken scampi and a salad tonight. I got some Tinkyada pasta- I'm excited to try it and I hope it tastes good as it seems to be pretty readily available and it comes in a ton of shapes.
  5. Ohmigosh, have you had Costco's macadamia nut, caramel, and chocolate clusters? I don't even know if they're gluten free but you should check because they are GOOD. Haven't had them in a long time though cause my we moved to an area without a costco close by and then my membership expired... :'(
  6. Yes, and other times I feel absolutely ravenous. I eat pretty much the same thing for breakfast each morning but some days I'm eying the sack lunch by 11am. Other days, like today, I skip lunch entirely because I just don't feel hungry. I usually try to have a bit of something, a handful of nuts...
  7. Plums and cream... [EDIT: Whoops, sorry for the giganto pic. Fixed now.]
  8. Mmm, I just finished prepping dinner so it'll be quick to throw together when my fiance comes home. I made steak with a marinade of tamari, ketchup, olive oil, basil, garlic, and a bit of honey. The other-half will grill it for me. Bought some good-looking semi-locally grown green beans to steam...