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    Health and Fitness, arts and crafts, cross stitching, dancing, horse riding. Just starting a Bsc in Health sciences.

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  1. Hi I am not diagnosed celiac as my blood test came back normal. I was trying out a gluten free diet at the time (it...
  2. Fairy Dancer

    What To Do For Breakfast?

    Yes the theory with the paleo people is that it is grains and excessive carbs that do the most damage and not fat. Although...
  3. Fairy Dancer

    What To Do For Breakfast?

    I am on the paleo diet (which is grain free and diary free) and I will eat just about anything for breakfast including...
  4. Fairy Dancer


    Opps double post, sorry.
  5. Fairy Dancer


    I have a head full of hair but what I am wondering is there anything to stop grey hair? I am losing my colour ...
  6. Fairy Dancer


    I went grain free and diary free several months ago and my bowel issues settled down fairly quickly, however, I am still...
  7. I was happily tootling along on the paleo diet (no dairy, no grains etc), which I have been on the for the last month...
  8. Ok, I am not diagnosed as celiac although I have a brother who is. I did have a blood test months ago (whilst I was trying...
  9. Fairy Dancer


    I was going to suggest cranberry juice...but cranberry stuff has already been suggested.
  10. Sounds daft but I dance rather than eat most of the time when I am pissed off. I find the movement very relaxing and...
  11. Fairy Dancer

    First Day Paleo- Quick ?

    ARrrgghhhhh get rid of the sunflower oil!!!!! I do paleo but I do a fairly strict version of it these days. It has...
  12. Fairy Dancer

    Day 6 Of gluten-free Diet

    I was feeling much better this week on my whole foods only paleo based diet, until I had some dairy (which I had previously...
  13. Fairy Dancer

    Yeah, But Yours Wasn't Real

    I would have replied with: "yes, my food was an hallucination and you imagined the whole thing...you might want to see...
  14. Fairy Dancer


    I am going back into withdrawal again at the moment but the symptoms are are hard to separate from the symptoms I was...