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    Health and Fitness, arts and crafts, cross stitching, dancing, horse riding. Just starting a Bsc in Health sciences.

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Eclectic Soul into everything from Health and Fitness to Palaeontology to Geology to the Paranormal to Arts and Crafts. Completing a BSc in the Earth Sciences.

  1. I was going to suggest cranberry juice...but cranberry stuff has already been suggested.
  2. 3D induced Migraine! Fun to see things flying out of the telly, not so fun the next day with the vertigo and migraine pain.

  3. Me: So tell me...Do you like carbon? Them: Um, why? Me: Because I'd like to date you! (Just testing my new chat up line on twitter lol)

  4. I am uncertain about uncertainties! Ha.

  5. Sky Diving...amazing stuff. I almost want to try it.

  6. I need to go get my rocks off...or in, as may be the case!

  7. flibberty gibberty flibbity flibit.

  8. Turning my bedroom into a mini gym. It's nice to have energy to work out again.

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