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  1. I react instantly too Elonwy - it's really quite handy in terms of damage limitation!
  2. My gluten/casein reactions last anywhere up to 14 days. It doesn't relate to the amount I consumed either,they just seem to get steadily worse each time. They used to last a day, then 2, then 3, then 5, then a week, then 10 days, then the last time it was a solid 2 weeks. This was from one...
  3. No, sashimi is just sliced fish, no rice or anything. Nigiri is fish on top of rice. A lot of places nigiri is just called 'sushi'.
  4. Good to hear about wasabi - I was never sure on that one. What about pickled ginger? I'm wary of anything pickled incase it's malt vinegar. I expect it's rice vinegar in this case though, right? LOVE ginger.
  5. Of course Susan - crab sticks! I forgot about that one... From experience I have another piece of advice: If dining with others, request that your food is served on it's own plate. I have had a gluten-free meal ruined because all the fish was brought on the same big plate and someone else...
  6. The safest bet is sashimi - just straight fish. It's expensive though. Any rolls that just have fish, rice and seaweed are fine. Just make sure there are no sauces. Most of the Japanese sauces contain some soy sauce. I usually just get sashimi but if I'm in the mood for rice, I'll get any plain...
  7. From the tiniest amount of gluten or casein (I once got glutened after a beer drinker sipped from my wine glass!), I experience the following symptoms that now last about 5 days (used to be 2, then 3...) - bloating - acne on face/back/chest - chronic fatigue (tripping over my feet, dropping...