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  1. I was on dapsone for 15 years for bechets syndrome but stopped taking it 2 years ago when i fell pregnant and aven't gone back on it - over the last year I have become symptamatic of dh but dr's don't listen. Im not symptamatic of bechets though! Will certainly look up the ap! Am due to see a dietician who wants me to go back to eating a normal diet because they're convinced it's IBS. Should I do that or remain on gluten-free? Sooooooo confused!
  2. Hello, I have given up on Dr's or they have given up on me, I feel like a mental head case and am being prescribed anti-depressants. For 3 weeks now I ave been gluten-free, and minimal milk. Can anyone tell me how long it takes/should take to see/feel benefit? Hives have gone, nausia gone, pain, bloating and gas - gone - bowel habits are bordering on normal. Rash on bottom is persistant, still some headaches/fogginess etc, and shortness of breath. Because some of the symptoms are still around I am beginning to doubt myself. If I were to overload on wheat and gluten at this point - could it fire a response clear enough for me to believe - one way or the other? Another question would be how long before all symptoms go?? Thanks in advance for all your help...
  3. I have very similar symptoms to you. Dr's have given up on me claiming I too am a hypochondriac and prescribing me anti-depressants. I have just attempted the gluten free diet - 3 weeks now and it's helping. whatever it is - it's helping. Good luck and keep smiling... ...if you can.
  4. Sam81

    Pictures Of My Rash

    Everytime I plan and attempt it I get a glimmer of hope that dr's may test for it so I don't start it! I haven't a clue were to buy stuff in UK so it's taking a lot of time planning - I don't want to be eating salad forever. I'm also vegetarian so that's adds complications in terms of protein or lack of it as all vege stuff is loaded with gluten and wheat. I'm being referred to an immunologist for akllergy to wheat. I'm going to ask for a rhematologist - even if i play on the behcets angle... ...been a while since they checked me out anyway... I just feel like bechets and lupos are not real - you can only manage them - not cure them... Does that make sense to anyone? I certainly dont mean to offend anyone by that statement - My family can't accept them. They laughed when I told them.
  5. Sam81

    Pictures Of My Rash

    Just to say the results of biopsy apparently showed nothing more than a scratch on the skin, except the letter I read (upside down) said more testing may be beneficial. They're now looking at Lupus regarding the rash in pics 2&4 - the ones that look like hives. Apparently Hives urticaria don't last more than 24 hours... Not what I've read. Also, they have done a RAST test for allergy to wheat... All because I stamped my feet. They now think I'm mental...
  6. Just looked art the coeliac site - annoying you can't get access to everything without a medical diagnosis - how unfair is that!
  7. Thank you, that's massively helpful...
  8. I've decided to go gluten free as I feel Dr's have failed me. I am based in the UK and am also Vegetarian, it feels like a massive task as I've no idea where to start looking. Supermarkets have less than an isle of gluten free products and it seems to be all cakes, biscuits etc. Can anyone point me in the right direction please?? Thank you...
  9. Thank you, that's very helpful. Meats are a no for me as I'm vege and all the vegetarian stuff is packed with wheat and gluten! I will spend this week planning and buying and as of 08.10.11 will be gluten free... Here goes...
  10. Does anyone recommend those self testing kits? I think it's for me too - Dr's have really made me begin believing it is all in my head - stressed induced etc etc... Regarding diet - where do I start in the UK? Where do I buy gluten-free food?? Is all gluten-free food wheat free as well or is that something else?? How long before I know if diet is working - should i allow a week, a month, a year... Such a massive thing!
  11. I guess. I just feel lost, I don't know where to start, I'm vegetarian as well. I know my extended family won't support the decision and see me as just a pain in the arse. Things are different here and with no diagnosis = no help.
  12. Update: Dermatology have incorrectly biopsied my rash (celiac DH) and also told me it is likely to be eczema or psoriasis - despite link to food - they can't answer that. Gastro app today told me I have to go on low residue diet as it's IBS I am suffering with, not Celiac - it's all in my head. I am to remove fibre from my diet then drink fibogel (go figure). It's impossible to cure abdo pain, nausea and trapped wind as well as curing bowel issues - only one can be helped - I must decide which. He's refused to do endoscopy and will review in 4 months to change fibogel for something else if it hasn't helped. I left in tears, very down and sad tonight. No-one seems bothered with the "Hives" I get on my legs which as far as i've researched looks likely to be caused by an allergy to food. Dr's are happy to say mouth and throat ulcers are bechets related even though I have no other symptoms and no-one seems bothered about the tingling/numbness in my hands, the migraines/headaches, fatigue, irritability, rash, weight gain (despite regular exercise and eating healthily). Oh well...
  13. Sam81

    Pictures Of My Rash

    As expected - damn useless. Told it's IBS and it's common - i am to go on a "low residue" diet. The rash is nothing to do with it, I can't cure the abdominal pain, bloating and nausea as well as curing the bowel issues - only one of these can be sorted and I am to remove fibre from my diet but then take fibogel to help. For a stomach guy he was very concerned with the bowel, refused to do an endoscopy will see me again in 4 months to change fibogel for something else if it doesn't work. Celiac (coeliac as it's called here) is all in my head. I'm devastated and feel lost and very down.... Did I mention I feel like a head case??
  14. Sam81

    Pictures Of My Rash

    Hi guys - wanting to vent really. Seeing Gastro Intestinal people for the first time tomorrow and already feeling negative about it. Any tips?? I have fresh rash, migraines, nausea, numbness/tingling in hands all apparent. I just know I'll be told acne, eczema, stress and poor circulation - coupled with IBS...
  15. Sam81

    Pictures Of My Rash

    Isn't hives an allergic reaction to something though?? I'm not even getting that far - just told its acne/psoriasis or eczema!