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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. I am horrified too of being sick - but I can assure you that either way you have your endoscopy, make sure they numb your throat really well - asking for more if you can still feel yourself swallow, and of course let them know you are afraid of being sick! Once you have swallowed some of the stuff will go down and once it hits your stomach you will want to just lay down anyway - so dont worry after that its almost over! I am 27 and I was shaking from head to foot when I went in - so much so I almost passed out - but now I know its not that bad...hope that helps! And its better that you know either way as you have the rest of your life ahead of you feeling amazing!!!
  2. Hello everyone!! I am wondering if any one else has noticed a symptom which I believe is due to my celiacs/gluten allergy. I have small bruising/ marks just in the inside of my lower eye lids (where you would put eye liner) and they have been there for months - although they dont cause me any bother I know that they eyes are always a sign that there is some illness present. Also do any of you suffer with upper back pain -especially when breathing in????
  3. Sleep

    hello there - yeah quite simply if I eat - I have to lay down - its not suitable for us parents is it!!! Yeah I think the same - its your bodys way of letting you know that its not well after the food and that it needs to rest!!
  4. Do you know what the best thing you can do right now is???? Get all this printed off and make him sit and read it through...even if its gonna end at least he will feel guilty about it for rest of his dayz!!! I mean how contradicting is that?? You can be cured and he cant - he really should be more understanding! Do what you have to to make yourself happy - at the end of day no one can tell you what to do - only advise! Get yourself better and you will find that you probably will enjoy being yourself so much that non of it will seem so bad! I have and im getting better slowly and Im glad I can start a fresh life without a man who doesnt love me coz I had celiac - its happened to me too - only we didnt know it was celiac! Just thought I was a looney with a depression and eating disorder!!! CHIN UP GIRL!!!!!!!
  5. Ate Gluten By Mistake

    Its fine to rant - I do too! I have had this thing for over 6 years - if Im not mistaken may have had it while I was growing up but last 3 years have been dreadful! I have only been gluten-free for 5 days and feel amazing but last night I had an accident - and I am sick today and cant go out of the house at all - you feel like kicking yourself dont you? its prob not as bad as yours sounds but still it takes over you life! I would never touch gluten again no matter what any doctor saya - even the smell of once loved bread makes me heave! And ive only been gluten-free for 5 days!! unbelievable isnt it! Im glad to hear that you got to go on a trip tho - you can do it again, for sure!!!!! Take care
  6. Hy carla - listen you are not alone in this!!!!!!!!!! I am the same - every day is a struggle for me and have only been gluten-free for 5 days and already seeing an amazing improvement!! If I were you If the doctors will not listen - get as much advice and knowledge as you can - and treat yourself - note everything that makes you feel bad - including drinks and supplements. I was taking pill after pill to make me feel better - luckily my doctors are great here in the uk (we pay our taxes to they should be!) and they wont stop till they find out whats wrong. I have been there too - I am still underweight and I thought I had anorexia as I got scared to eat anything as Id rather be hungry than in pain! its really awful and its not in your head! We are not hyperchondriacs at all - althought this thing does make you a bit self absorbed, its not in your head.... I hope you feel better soon love and that you find some variety in your diet. Can you have yoghurts as these are great for calcium and will help your weight - they are usually easy to digest.
  7. Why Does It Hurt So Much?

    Ok you have all been so helpful that I feel I should just reply to say thanks to you all - and I have noticed that when I have dairy (apart from yoghurt and cheese) I do seem to be in pain again so I now feel its time to take myself away from milk - I think the yoghurt and cheese are ok tho - im sure its just the milk and my marg is gluten-free so its not that. I will take my vitamins and hope to feel better soon - Im already feeling a little better than when I last posted so thankyou all again!!!!!!!!!
  8. Hy again - Im just wondering if any of you guys have ever experienced upper back pain (where the oesophagus is) My doctor has ruled out any oesophagus problems but is this part of celiacs at all?? I havent seen this as a symptom anywhere but I seem to get it everyday!????????
  9. hello yes thankyou the ingrediants are( I hope these arent too complex for ya ) sorry: dicalcium phospate stabiliser, kelp powder, anit caking agents(stearic acid, magnesuim stearate, silicone dioxide! thats it thanks alot for your reply Ive seen you on here alot - you sound very helpful and it seems you know a lot!! Ive been gluten-free for 3 days and just hoping things will start to settle down soon. thanks again mate!! miss La 3000
  10. Lesie, thankyou so much for your reply - do you know that its that bad that your reply made me cry!!! I so want to feel normal again and enjoy my son like you said its so hard. But hey despite everything I have been gluten free for 3 days and wow wow wow what an amazing few days I had !!! Yes I will take a look at that site and keep in touch. I had a bad day today - even tho im sure I aint had No gluten - dunno what it is - could it be my body adjusting as I feel much lighter and not much brain fog but still stomach pains - how long can it take>??? God thanks for the reply - Im fairly alone in this and the worse thing is my 6 year old son has been amazing, he helps and understands more than anyone as I always explain that if I have to lie down its coz of the food my tummy doesnt like..Leslie can I ask what kind of fitness your into - i do yoga, running and mostly weight training.......???
  11. Hello Im wondering if anyone can help me - Ive been Gluten free for only 3 days now - first 2 were amazing and to be honest I felt like a new person - no cramps pains or nothing - I was so happy that I had a house party!!!!!! Thing is today - 3rd day - I am in so much pain and feel like crap again - I definitely havnt had gluten but it feels worse than ever - is this normal and is it just my bodies way of getting used to the gluten free foods? Hope someone else has experienced this - Im gutted as I thought I was really going to be getting better!!!
  12. Hello - does anyone out there know if I can take supplement kelp (helps to maintain metabolism and thyroid and intake of iodine) it contains caking agents and some other things so Im not sure - hope someone can help as I feel kelp stabalises my weight!
  13. Hello there - I am new to the gluten-free diet and am wondering if I can eat these thingsas they dont state gluten-free but dont seem to have anything in that would harm? : Marmite mackrel (tinned in tomatoe sauce) Nesquick milkshake powder marshmallows?? yummy yummy hope someone can help!! thankyou...missla
  14. Thanks guys - I have had a real bad couple of days and had to go to bed after most meals this week! I have locked myself away in my pc room to get as much info as I can! This site really helps .....!! xxxxxxxxxxxx
  15. Hya becky - I had one done a few weeks back and I had the option to have a sedation at the hospital or just have it at the clinic, I was scared too, very scared and I almost passed out on the way in - But it was fine - in fact because I told them to numb the back of my throat properly i didnt gag at all - I was surprised at how easy it was! After all whats better - the symptoms every day or finding whats wrong and getting on with your life and being well again? You will be fine love - Make sure you ask them to numb the throat properly - ask for more if you need it and you wont feel it as much. ps get bk to us and let us know how you got on!