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Diagnosed and started gluten free living July 2011.

  1. Hello all, This past February I rented a condo on Maui (not for from Lahaina). I had a great experience and was able to find two 100% gluten free places to eat on the island (one a restaurant and the other a bakery). I usually mitigate all risk by not eating out, but felt comfortable enough with these two places to give them try. I also had no problem finding gluten-free foods at the supermarkets. The Maui Sugar shop Organic/gluten free Bakery was an awesome find and the owners are some awesome folks. It is in Lahainia and hard to find (I stumbled upon it because I took a wrong turn tr
  2. I'm grateful and very lucky for the diagnosis that explains what has ailed me all these years. I now have the opportunity to be the person I was meant to be.....whomever or whatever that is. I hope I can learn from this community and perhaps add something meaningful too. Feel free to contact me with suggestions or with any questions. Cheers.

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