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  1. We were at Aldi yesterday and noticed something new in the freezer section. They (or at least my store) are now carrying SimplyNature Gluten Free Pancakes. Needless to say, I was VERY excited about seeing these, since I'd never seen anything like this at Aldi before. A box has 12 silver dollar size pancakes, and I think they were about $2.89. So, we got some, and I couldn't wait to try them--pancakes aren't something we've had a lot of success making. There's instructions on the box for microwaving or heating in the oven. I microwaved mine and they were amazing. Maybe slightly rubbery, but once I put butter and syrup on them it was good. Note: these aren't certified gluten free, but they at least didn't have any warnings about being processed with wheat. Then we went to Walmart and found gluten-free chicken strips (Purdue, I think). Got home and saw the news about Pillsbury's gluten free stuff. I love days like that!
  2. I make smoothies from greek yogurt, frozen berries, bananas, honey, orange juice, and flaxseed. Yum! Even my teenage brother (at the VERY picky stage) will eat them.
  3. I just tried Goodbye Gluten bread today--it's *amazing*. We'd used Udi's until now, but this is better (in my opinion). It's very moist and squishy. I could even roll the bread into little balls like glutenous bread. My dad tried the multigrain tonight (with homemade chili) and I think he ate six pieces. I ate four pieces of the multigrain and two of the white. I highly recommend it. We got it at County Market. It's $5.49 a loaf here, which is the same as the Udi's, and it's the same size loaf, too. I think we'll probably be switching brands now.
  4. That's aggravating. I always use it in all of my baked goods. Never had a reaction, and I thought it was safe since it's labeled gluten free. Now I'm not sure what to do--it's the cheapest cornstarch we've found, and since I don't react to it... I guess it all comes back to what's safe for each individual.
  5. Junior Chef

    Ideas For Salads?

    Today we had a salad with romaine, red cabbage, chopped carrots, sliced onion, and mandarin oranges. I put an Asian ginger dressing on it... SO good! We'll definitely be making this again.
  6. If you're a Celiac, then small amounts of gluten are just as bad as big amounts. You might not react, but it'll still hurt you. If you seem to be dairy intolerant, then I don't think the small amounts would physically hurt you if you aren't reacting. For me, it works to just avoid large amounts. As far as dairy is concerned, it's all in what works for you. (someone correct me if I'm wrong)
  7. Junior Chef

    Ideas For Salads?

    So for lunch today I had spinach with dried cranberries, raisins, chopped apples, pomegranate, and a Dijon vinaigrette. Oh, my--I think I'm hooked. It was so good! I made my mom try some (she put romaine on hers), and she liked it too. I'm so proud of myself for eating plain spinach.
  8. Junior Chef

    Ideas For Salads?

    Thanks for all the ideas! I love the idea of those warm spinach salads. I've never had fruit on a salad, but I have a pomegranate right now that I'd like to try. I've also been experimenting lately with marinating and grilling vegetables, so I'm thinking I could put grilled veggies (peppers, onions, broccoli, carrots, etc.) on a salad and top with vinaigrette. I'm willing to try just about anything, as long as it's not too odd (like squid). And I'm not usually a big vegetable eater, so these salads are getting me eating my veggies--and liking them! Oh, yes, and I have a box of quinoa in my pantry that I've never gotten brave enough to try. So maybe I'll cook up some of that to put on.
  9. We've been on a salad kick lately. My sister-in-law introduced us to the concept of putting peppers and onions on our salad, which we really like. Tonight we're having romaine, spinach, pepper, onion, and cucumber salad. But I'd really like some new ideas for lettuce salads. I finally have my mom eating vegetables, and I'm afraid we'll get tired of the same salad all the time. Ideas, please? And I'd love salad dressing recipes if you have them. Thanks!
  10. Junior Chef

    Pumpkin Cake

    The cake mix was supposed to make two 8" or one 9x13" cake. I thought that's what the 'regular' cake mixes are supposed to make, too.
  11. Junior Chef

    Pumpkin Cake

    So I tried this today... I was very hopeful that it would work, provided the reviews in the comments of the recipe and also the picture. I used Hodgson Mill yellow cake mix, added a 15 oz. can of pumpkin (not pie filling), and some vanilla and cinnamon. Put it in a greased 9 x 11 pan, baked it for a while at 350 F. It didn't rise at all. I couldn't get the toothpick to come out clean no matter how long I baked it, and it wasn't at all springy, so I started getting nervous. I put a powdered sugar glaze on it (powdered sugar, milk, and vanilla), and let it cool. When I started cutting it, it was really tough, and it was very dense (think pumpkin brownies). My dad and brother deemed it rubbery, and when my dad doesn't like something, that's saying a lot. I wasn't even brave enough to try it. At least I was only out about $3 for the cake mix... Did I do something wrong or is this just a failed recipe?
  12. Wheat grows above ground, carrots grow below ground. And even if they were raised in fields right next to each other, they should be okay. Plain, fresh veggies can not be contaminated, as long as you wash them well before using them.
  13. Junior Chef

    How Bad Is Wheat In Shampoo?

    I used to use a dandruff shampoo with gluten in it. Even though it was supposed to completely eliminate dandruff, it really didn't help a whole lot. Then I went gluten free, and realized I got quite a bit less dandruff. I finally switched to gluten free shampoo (Suave naturals), and I have no dandruff now. I also used to use Aussie hair gel, but then I realized that I'm highly allergic to it (it makes me very nauseated until it dries). Turns out it contains gluten. I'm not sure if I'm just allergic to it, or if it's the gluten, but either way, I don't use it any more. I actually don't use any hair gel now.
  14. When I get glutened, I typically don't notice anything for at least 5-6 hours, but then it hits. Hard. I get diarrhea, gas, constipation, I'm typically very tired, and achy. I get miserable enough that even though I'm not a diagnosed celiac, I never cheat intentionally. Yes, I occasionally get accidentally glutened, but when I do, I can tell. Yuck.
  15. Corn has gluten in it. It's just a different gluten than what wheat, barley, and rye have. Yes, some people are corn intolerant. That doesn't mean corn isn't gluten free. I for one can handle corn, and I'm sure there are people that are super-sensitive to gluten that can eat it. Asking gluten free websites to start listing all the things you could be allergic to is like asking for more warning labels on things. There are just so many things that you could be intolerant/allergic to that it would be practically impossible to list them all.