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    Anyone Else Always Hungry?

    I am always hungry I eat all day long and I still loose weight I just weighed myself and I went from 109 to 108 but this is over the 6 weeks of being Gluten free. I feel like I'm starving most the time.
  2. Ok As in my signature I have been fighting Anemia for a long long time this is nothing new to me. A different Dr called with my Lab results because the one I saw was not in. He basically scared the crap out of me. My iron level is at 6.8 he is asking me if I feel dizzy, rapid heart beat etc I tell him No I feel fine. Ugg He then proceeds to tell me sometimes with severe Anemia it is caused by Bleeding from somewhere inside or a tumor. I asked him would I have this tumor more then 15 years because I have been Anemic for that long probably longer that's just when I was first diagnosed.Really!! if he would have read my charts he would have seen that I already knew I was anemic I also told them I had been Diagnosed with IBS years ago and that I have had constant Diarrhea for 20+ yrs. Does this not throw any red flags up for them. He really made me mad he kept talking over me I even told him I was at work and it didn't seem to matter he just keeps going on about how low my iron is and I may need and IV of iron. He was not listening to me at all.The most bizarre thing is I do not feel tired I actually feel pretty good.I have been taking Floadix for a few weeks now. I think he said my liver was a little elevated whatever that means. Kidneys good, Thyroid negative still waiting on lipid panel and B-12. Today I started taking an extra evening does of Iron and during the day I am also taking a table spoon of Black strap molasses with Vitamin C
  3. I have this however its not as bad as it was when I was consuming Gluten dairy super bad also All my slimy mucus out the but is almost stopped completely. I am still noticing a oily layer at the top of the water I also have some floating stool some not mostly when I consume food with a high fat content like hamburger cream cheese use to do this to me also but I haven't eaten that in a long time. I posted about this in another thread I had started but deleted it, it fits better here.
  4. It doesn't say wheat grass it says Gluten free. Also the Dr called me this morning and left a msg on my cell telling me that based on my anemia I should follow up with a hematologist. I tried to call her back but was left on hold for probably a good 20 minutes so I hung up and called back and told them I would be in tomorrow to get copies of all my labs and path report. I'll post things I don't understand maybe someone can help me figure it out looking at B-12 levels and all the iron.
  5. I'm thinking just for my own sanity if I continue to get well I will not be stuffing wheat or Gluten down my throat just to get a Diagnoses. I may send for the genetics test I'm worried about my youngest he is type 1 Diabetes when we go to his Endo in October I m requesting to have him tested. My Oldest daughter is already being tested she has most of the symptoms already. I was not having D nowhere near as bad as I was, I was going to the bathroom 10 plus times a day and night I was severely gassy, bloated major indigestion But I have 47 yrs of Wheat and Gluten in my Body. I have been off for 6 weeks. Indigestion was the first thing to go with the gas and the bloating then the nigh time bathroom runs stopped to about 1 time a night. I was sleeping almost all night until I started taking the Vitamins I went to the bathroom a lot yesterday. I did continued to eat Dairy until I read about that. Then I cut that back but still had some digestive issues I noticed when I ate dairy It was like eating wheat Gas Bloating it was awful. So Just a few days ago I got completely off that. Now I'm noticing these Vitamins I'm taking are giving me D. Vitamin C always gives me D Floradix gives me D also I'm guessing because I'm super sensitive right now. I'm taking a store brand of Ferrous Sulfate because Slo-Fe has Lactose in it. I am trying really hard not to get cross contaminated But I live with Gluten eaters and my coworkers are pigs in the office I work in. It's a Process for sure.
  6. Yes I am 6 weeks Gluten free I'm not sure my stomach could handle Gluten or dairy right now. I know I have to eat it again to get the right diagnosis. Not sure I am willing to do this. I am taking 1 ferrous Sulfate with 1000mgs of Vitamin C in the afternoon I had 1 tablespoon of Black strap molasses evening I just took 30ml of Floradix Ferrous Glutenate <<Spelling For dinners I have fixed my baked potato fried one piece of liver in a cast iron skillet with caramelized onion coated with Black strap molasses used Olive oil instead of vegetable. my daily rutine with be Ferrous sulfate and Vitamin C in morning before work tablespoon of mollasses in afternoon 30ml of Floradix in evening. If this doesn't get my iron up I'm lost but I have had success in the past with getting my levels up but of course I was eating the wrong foods and then stopped taking the iron and that is why I am here now with this iron issue.
  7. What slow release do you take? No I do not feel faint or Dizzy.I actully started feeling better taking the Floriadix. I think back in October of last year to January I must have been even lower because I did feel dizzy going up and down the stairs but because I knew it must be my iron I started taking it again felt better but then stopped and just started back recently. My question to most all of you is. When you have a chronic disorder that causes malabsorbtion should you take iron and vitamins everyday? I guess I though when I felt better I should just not take them anymore. Stupid on my part. 12 years ago I was a 7.4 then in 2005 I was able to get it to a 10 but then of course stopped taking the iron. I've never had an IV with Iron. when I was 7.4 Dr told me to take 2 slo-fe a day with Vitamin C . Maybe I should do that Instead of the Floradix? I still trying to figure things out. The words I write may seam stupid and no brainer to some but I find all this over whelming, not the iron but trying to stay off wheat, Gluten Dairy. Now I'm told no caffeinated drinks it blocks absorption as does soy. Oh and not to mention I am seriously hungry all the time so that really sucks but I never gain weight from it. I eat all the time but now I feel like Im running our of things to eat. I guess Im getting a little frustrated. Thank you for all for your responses. Im going to be talking to the other Dr tomorrow. Im trying to get an appointment with the MD that was refereed to me. The Dr's that I keep referring to are the ones that did my skin Biopsy but they are also Md's but specialize in Skin and skin cancer and are the ones that ordered the labs. I told her I would have the other Dr order my labs and she said "No Ill do it that way I make sure I get them". she didn't even mention labs until I told her I was anemic and that I was going to a different Dr to talk about being tested for celiacs.
  8. She'll be back Monday, however I will be taking all my lab results to a different Dr that was referred to me. These people do not listen. I'm seriously sick of it.
  9. Well I read the dosage a little closer and it actually says 10ml 2 times a day so I really wasn't Overdosing I kind of wish I would have took more because my labs came back abnormal. Will start a new topic for this. In case anyone is searching for severe Anemia.
  10. I just realized this evening I have been taking 3x the amount of the daily dose of Floradix Iron + B Vitamins. It calls for 10ml Ive been taking 30 ml. I guess I needed it because it hasn't made me sick. I knew I was feeling better with more energy. I had Labs done this morning can't wait to see what my Iron level is. Has anyone every doubles up or tippled up on iron and b vitamins . If so how long did it take to get your iron levels under control? Please note that I did not do this on purpose This is only by accident, good thing I needed it otherwise not so good.
  11. I was diagnosed with prurigo nodularis. She did tell me to continue to stay off of Gluten and wheat and any other associated grains since I had already been off for 6 weeks and was feeling better. I go for bloodwork in the morning to check my B12 and iron levels and thyroid. I wanted to post this since I do not believe I have read it anywhere here but I found it on Wiki-pedea and thought maybe others that could not identify their rash as blistery understood it does not have to be in order to be related to Celiacs "Prurigo nodularis. Prurigo nodularis has been identified with coeliac diease." Found that line quit interesting. She did say she felt as though I may be Gluten intolerant since this rash is common with this intolerance but that was before I found that line. Im taking Hydroxyzine and a Corticosteroid cream for itch. I will post with future findings
  12. Flasaltwater

    Skin Biopsy Results Today

    Thank you for posting this. I bookmarked it so I could read more. Well I thought because she did not say DH I would help myself to some rock shrimp at lunch.I've noticed some slight swelling in my bumps since then and a they are starting to itch some this evening. That shrimp was good but not worth aggravating my rash. Which I have almost under control. My husband wants me to go for a 2nd opinion to get the skin biopsy done correctly. They did a punch biopsy on the lesion not beside it. anyway it did come back positive for PN. Once I get me labs back I am seeing another Dr. Well see what happens, in the meantime I'll stay gluten free it keeps my digestive system in check.
  13. I don't think her and I were on the same page. I really am not sure she was even listening to me. looked me over everywhere and I mean everywhere. then she ran her hands up and down my arms not sure what the heck she was doing then she said we need to do a biopsy. OK I'm thinking this is great I didn't have to suggest it. So she asked me where the newest place is I told her the newest is on my leg she said no that tissue is to thick, OK no problem. Then she said let me see your back OK no problem but I told her those have been there for about 3 or 4 weeks they are pretty dried up so she biopsy's that area anyway and I cannot tell if she did it on a sore or just next to one. I do think she did it on a sore I saw what she put in the little jar it looked like a an old piece of dried skin. She did ask how long I had been anemic I told her I had been for 15 yrs that I know of. So I asked her what the biopsy is checking for she said everything. Then she said she needed to rule out some sort picking thing, I have no idea what this lady is talking about. What is the sore picking thing? I think it started with a Ph or something. I'll call in the morning and ask I have to give them a pharmacy to send my script out she is giving something for itch. Now the spot where they Biopsy's its itching like the devil. Sigh!!! Pathology results back in 10 days
  14. Flasaltwater

    Went To Derm Today And Got Biopsy

    Since she thinks I have prurigo do you think that they might be testing for DH??
  15. Flasaltwater

    Went To Derm Today And Got Biopsy

    Sorry not to seam stupid but what exactly does this mean?
  16. Flasaltwater

    Went To Derm Today And Got Biopsy

    I just got off the phone wiht the nurse I told her I need her to look in my chart and tell me exactly what the Dr is trying to rule out and she told me Prurigo whatever this is. I have not had time to look this up since I am at work but took a little time just to post this real quik.
  17. Flasaltwater

    Went To Derm Today And Got Biopsy

    Well her and I are going to have a little chat when I go back when I siggested she biopsy near the one on my leg which is the newest and she refused. I knew I was not going to get anywhere with her. Now I have a stich on my back with a fat bandage that is itching the bejesus out of me since yesterdy.
  18. Flasaltwater

    Went To Derm Today And Got Biopsy

    Yeah I kind of got the impression that they were looking at me like I had 10 heads.
  19. Flasaltwater

    Went To Derm Today And Got Biopsy

    I told her I have a close relative with celiac's and at the advice of a family member I am 4 weeks gluten and wheat free. I also explained how much better I feel since removing from my diet and that my skin is clearing up except when I eat something with iodine. Her assistants response to that was maybe I'm allergic to iodine. I don't think they were taking me serious. I don't remember what she called what she wanted to rule out I'm asking again in the morning so I can write it down. She what ever it is she did say they see it a lot in people with mineral deficiencies. She definitely used the term picking though. But she did not say Dermatillomania. When I go back in 10 days depending what the results are Im asking for another biopsy and this time I want one specific to DH if its not included in this one.
  20. Flasaltwater

    Completely gluten-free Resturaunts?

    There is a 100% Gluten free Bakery called the Bald Strawberry in Cape Canaveral Florida that makes Gluten free Sandwich's and Pizza's. Yum!!! They even make a breakfast Pizza. I had the Ruben omg was it good, I was in heaven. This would also be good information for anyone cruising into Port Canaveral where the ships doc its not really far from there.
  21. Thought this might help someone else compare what they have its so hard to try and figure out what rash you have. This is whats left of mine on my upper back and scars from a years worth a bad rash. My skin is ruined basically, this is the most painful and itchy rash I have ever had in my life yuk! Do I need to be eating Gluten to get my skin Biopsy on Monday? I do still have some breakouts.Sorry about the size ill try to edit
  22. This is exactly how it feels and is for me I must have gotten into something today I'm itchy pretty bad right now. I live in Florida so I am sure there is some sun damage from extended times at the beach. I will be sure that she is aware of how to do this biopsy. I need her to do it right. I have photos with worse scars then that I am newly Gluten free and I have made some major boo boos with food with Iodine in it. Tonight is not a good night I'm also sure that I have been accidentally Glutened by my family. Some of my digestive symptoms are starting to get better. My bathroom runs have calmed down tremendously. I'm actually able to sleep at night now unless I'm itching of course. I'm a hot mess right now. I just to thank everyone for responding to my post.
  23. This is one of the back of leg just under my bottom. This is a few of the scars that are bigger because these were the bigger had more fluid in them.
  24. How many have both? I have both. I have all the symptoms Anemia, Diarhhea, Gas, Bloating, Lactose intolerance, look at my signature. I also have the terrible rash. I was reading that its rare to have GI symptoms and DH am I just weird? or is this more common now or maybe I have something different. How many of you have both?
  25. Most of those are about a year old. I do have the purplish scars on my behind and legs and arms those are my fresher scars. I do also tend to pick at them they drive me crazy, these scars were all at one time fluid filled itchy painful bumps. I hope they can give something to make them go away ill try to post the ones on my arms later. My cousin who is celiacs gets these white scars after time goes by maybe has something to do with our skin color all I know is I want it to go away .