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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/24/2018

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  1. I haven't eaten gluten for 10 years although I was never diagnosed. I simply felt discomfort after every meal in my life and, after two bowel obstruction surgeries I came to this site and realized where my issues likely were at the time. I don't have those symptoms any longer. That is not why I posted here. I have a niece who has the following symptoms that I copied from an email from my sister and will paste it here: "Her symptoms started over a year ago. She currently continues to have high blood pressure although on 3 types of meds. Her white blood count continues to be high. She had a bone marrow test already. She has a red molting/rash of her skin on her upper portion of chest, neck and arms. She has constant pain in the sternum area of her chest. She is completely exhausted on a daily basis. She occasionally has a good day but we cannot trace it to anything specific although she logs daily her activities, diet etc. She has bloating in the mid drift area. She has seen over 10 specialists all of which cannot determine a diagnosis. She has seen an oncologist, dermatologist, infectious disease doctor, internist, phelobotomist, and has had every blood test imaginable - all with no results. She saw a kidney specialist and they found a small tumor but said not to be concerned about it. She has been tested for Lupus and other autoimmune diseases. So it continues to puzzle everyone. The cardiologist she saw last week is testing her with an electro-cardiogram but is certain her heart is not the problem. He said she has chronic pain syndrome which has no cure...just treatment with narcotics. Still nothing definite." Any of this sound familiar?
  2. My guess is the chocolate or the psyllium husks - those would do me in.
  3. I have had two bowel obstruction surgeries - get off of wheat and treat it as poison.
  4. Gluten Free In Chicago

    Northwest suburbs is packed with gluten-free restaurants. Uno's Pizza, Ted Montana's Bar and Grill; Outback; mostly I eat at home since my own cooking seems to be the best. Many East Indian restaurants like Udupi Palace in Schaumburg. Weber Grill was mentioned and all listed above are right in Schaumburg.
  5. I have eaten at Ted Montana's Bar and Grill and when I pointed out that the croutons did not belong on my meal, they promptly threw out the entire meal and made a new one. I have had some Italian restaurants tell me that if I bring my own pasta, they will use special utensils and bowls that are not stored or cleaned in the same kitchen as the other food is. Wildfire , Uno's Pizza and a host of other restaurants, many of them East Indian, have given me gluten-free meals that I am sure of. Chicago has simply become gluten-free aware since many feel that autism is related to the consumption of wheat and gluten.
  6. Wax On Fruit And Veggies

    Oranges and some apples have it but I cannot substantiate that in any way. Someone on this board informed me of that a few years ago so I try to avoid those fruits. Grapefruit may also have it but I am not sure. Raw cherries go down the best for me.
  7. Pen Pal

    I am 60 years old and anybody here who wants to exchange emails with me concerning celiac disease is free to. I never figured it out until I was 56 and had discomfort that long. r.pease@sbcglobal.net
  8. Omg! How Sensitive To Gluten Can One Be?

    If anybody thinks I am going to eat any gluten at all just to get an accurate test reading, they are nuts and I told my doctor that. He agreed that if staying away from gluten allows me to read and comprehend and to go for a walk without feeling discomfort and constant twisting that occured for 56 straight years an suddenly disappeared by getting it out of my diet, then why take a painful test? There is gluten in Sudafed. The doc had me on Mucinex for a while and I had no reaction. But when I took Mucinex Decongestant, I could tell that something in it had gluten. One molecule of that gets in me and my bowel obstructs a few hours later. When I went to McDonald's one time they put a piece of grilled chicken on my salad which they said comes with it. It was sprinkled with herbs. They became irritated when I asked them if the spatula that touched that chicken also touched a piece of any bun during the day and if it was stored in the same drawer with other utensils. They looked puzzled so I told them to throw it out.
  9. It depends upon what you are eating for a gluten-free diet. Everyone makes mistakes at first and I had to realize that I have to control my own cooking. No energy implies that your food is too much processed although some of that isn't all bad. Do you get constipation or diarrea? That can make a big difference in what you eat. I have found that adding flax meal and flax seed to my diet is of great help. I get constipation die to two bowel obstruction surgeries leaving scar tissue thoughout my colon. If I had diarrea I would add something like bananas and honey to the diet to slow things down. I have found that cooking vegetables properly is of great help. I stir fry hard vegetables like cauliflower (cut into slices like a loaf of bread) in olive oil and cover it, uncovering only to stir, for five minutes before adding zucchini for the last five minutes. You want to stir/steam it. When I eat the cauliflower raw with zucchini I add Daddy Sam's Slop It On Barbeque Sawce. It tastes better than any sauce on the market and has no fat but enough sugar to slow down the rumbles. I eat a lot of East Indian food because a lot of it has no gluten or wheat. Throw away any prejudices you might have. The number of cuisines in East India that have no curry exceeds the number of days in your life multiplied by 3. Many people there make it a goal to go 63 years without eating the same meal twice. Tandoor chicken has everything backed off the map and the tecture of their potatoes and bell pepper dishes made me ask them about cooking techniques. My energy level is just great and yours will be as well when you experiment on your own. Your body is not the same as everyone's on this message board. Good luck!
  10. You are not alone. I have a cyber friend who had to be put on anti depressants just before her son't graduation. She, like me, has been divorced for many years and raised her son alone and now she is alone, trying to get used to it. I write poetry that she likes but she has had nothing but trouble responding to me since my writing seems to be too heart felt and only upsets her worse. My son will never leave me. He is 37 years old and has Asperger's. You might think that I am lucky. I am in one sense that I will never see him leave. But I have a fear of saying good bye when death finally does arrive at my door one day. I will have to say good bye to him and he will be crushed. He won't go on any traveling vacations unless I am with him and he cannot have friendships because it is too difficult for him to manage. He does work and is very ritualistic. He is also very loving.
  11. Anyone Unemployed Or Divorced Because Of Celiac?

    I grew up not knowing I had celiac disease. But my gut kept giving me many mixed messages. I felt that: 1.) my family was trying to poison me 2.) my country was trying to poison me 3.) that the military was definitely trying to poison me when I served 4.) that doctors would confer on how to keep me in pain 5.) my brain had some extreme diffuculty when trying to read that cannot be resolved and must be my fault. Somehow I was not paying attention and was refusing to listen. It took 56 years before a meal went down without pain. Going to a doctor for an official test makes no sense for me when I have apparently dealt with the problem after two bowel obstruction surgeries and a bowel that wouldn't stop trying to obstruct 24 hours per day for over a decade. I was divorced over 35 years ago but do not regret it. I never married again and never will. Girl friends are not easy to come by. I live with my son who has Asperger's and a gluten-free diet has helped him along pretty well. He shows signs of improvement. These last 4 years have been the best. I can read and comprehend things I never dreamed I could have. I study astro-physics and hang around many in science, something I never did before. My family is sympathetic and have made good company. I have been fortunate. The rest of you hang in there and stick to the diet. It is worth the wait just to walk down the street after a meal and feel good, something I never thought was possible. As for romance? That is physically possible now but I need to be choosey. As for employment? I was lucky to have made it. Without my labor union I would have been fired. Yet, without celiac disease, I may have never learned the patience it forced my to acquire to deal with situations that others have no patience for.
  12. That has barley grass and it is certified gluten free and says so right on the label.
  13. You need Green Magma in order to attack depression associated with celiac disease. It worked on me and when my nephew first got depression it worked on him. It takes 24 hours for it to kick in and then energy level shoots way up. Check health stores for it but not a GNC. Go to Green magma and it should be listed there.
  14. Single Celiac Seeking Single Celiac

    I am from Illinois. How far are you from O'Hare?
  15. The best thing to do is to clean the brain of all the toxins caused by wheat and gluten. The best thing that worked for me is this: 1.)Go to the food store and buy femur bones from the butcher. I usually get about six pieces of them that are cut to about three or four inches in length. 2.) Put the bones in a slow cooker and cover them with water. I use a Rival Crock Pot. I set the temperature to Low and cook it for 48 hours and then, after taking the bones out, I pour it through a screen and into a Rubbermaid container and close the lid. Into the fridge it goes until the next morning. 3.) The lard will have hardened on top by the a.m. so I cut it away and scrape off any of the gelatin stuck to it. Keep the gelatin. Throw away the lard. Take 3 tablespoons of gelatin each day. It will last about 5 days. 4.)I kept making new batches for about two weeks and then noticed that I would finish everything I started out to do and that my reading capabilities increased by a dramatic amount. Hope this helps.