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  1. I haven't eaten gluten for 10 years although I was never diagnosed. I simply felt discomfort after every meal in my life...
  2. My guess is the chocolate or the psyllium husks - those would do me in.
  3. I have had two bowel obstruction surgeries - get off of wheat and treat it as poison.
  4. blueshift

    Gluten Free In Chicago

    Northwest suburbs is packed with gluten-free restaurants. Uno's Pizza, Ted Montana's Bar and Grill; Outback; mostly...
  5. I have eaten at Ted Montana's Bar and Grill and when I pointed out that the croutons did not belong on my meal, they...
  6. blueshift

    Wax On Fruit And Veggies

    Oranges and some apples have it but I cannot substantiate that in any way. Someone on this board informed me of that...
  7. blueshift

    Pen Pal

    I am 60 years old and anybody here who wants to exchange emails with me concerning celiac disease is free to. I never...
  8. blueshift

    Omg! How Sensitive To Gluten Can One Be?

    If anybody thinks I am going to eat any gluten at all just to get an accurate test reading, they are nuts and I told...
  9. It depends upon what you are eating for a gluten-free diet. Everyone makes mistakes at first and I had to realize that...
  10. blueshift

    I'm A Crying Mess

    You are not alone. I have a cyber friend who had to be put on anti depressants just before her son't graduation. She...
  11. blueshift

    Anyone Unemployed Or Divorced Because Of Celiac?

    I grew up not knowing I had celiac disease. But my gut kept giving me many mixed messages. I felt that: 1.) my family...
  12. That has barley grass and it is certified gluten free and says so right on the label.
  13. You need Green Magma in order to attack depression associated with celiac disease. It worked on me and when my nephew...
  14. blueshift

    Single Celiac Seeking Single Celiac

    I am from Illinois. How far are you from O'Hare?
  15. The best thing to do is to clean the brain of all the toxins caused by wheat and gluten. The best thing that worked for...