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Hi! I'm very glad to be here. I am guessing I have had gluten intolerance and lactose since birth. Gluten leading to Celiac's by middle age and including hypothyroidism at age 10 and gluten issues undetected by age 10. Many medication and environmental allergies. By the time I was 17 I was telling doctors I felt like I had "leukemia". Guessing it was Chronic Fatigue and I have been diagnosed as anemic all my life. Stress has played a major role I am sure in exacerbating everything. I raised three amazing daughters, two of whom have special needs. All three have allergies to dairy (since infancy) one has Raynaud's Syndrome and hypothyroid with many allergies. Two have serious allergies to many things. Migraines (serious) have been almost a daily battle for me since 1998. Saw specialist, treat symptoms. Two daughters also suffer migraines. I hope to find some solutions and answers to some lifelong questions. I am grateful to know there is a reason I have been this way. I am a very happy person and love to laugh. I am a photography nut and I am happiest on the beach taking photos or under the stars. Wish everyone much luck, good health and happiness. :D

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