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  1. Yes, regular Tylenol is safe to take while pregnant (in fact its the only one recommended by most doctors). If you have a cold, Tylenol Cold is fine too. Hope you feel better!
  2. Fiddle Faddle, Thank you so much for taking the time to explain all the benefits of breastfeeding. I really appreciate all of your advice, which was quite helpful. Im going to really try to breastfeed, and if I cant, then I cant. At least I tired, right? Also thank you to everyone else who answered my questions. Its so nice to know there are such kind Celiacs out there who can help other Celiacs. You guys rock!
  3. Thank you for your helpful suggestions..... I should mention that I had breast augmentation and may not be able to breastfeed because of this. I guess I'll know more once I give birth and try to breastfeed. Someone mentioned not to introduce gluten to my child until "the normal time"...Im not sure I know what normal time means???? So from what Im reading here/trying to understand is that it is especially important to breastfeed since the mother has Celiac? I may pass the celiac disease along to my baby, so therefore, its better to not give formula? I hope Im understanding this correctly. Most formulas have the common allergens like soy and dairy?
  4. I know I might not get many repsonses from this, but I thought Id try, you never know... I live in Queens, NY and looking for a really good pediatrician, one who is patient, caring and takes the time to listen. Also, one who has experience with children with food allergies or a GI background. Im anticipating having difficulty with my baby once hes born regarding feeding. I have celiac disease and hes lived off my gluten-free diet in the womb for 9 months. Im concerned what to feed him and when to test him for celiac disease. Therefore, Im looking for a good, recommended experienced pediatrician. If anyone can help, please do, I would really appreciate it! Thank you! Happy Holidays!
  5. Thank you to everyone who has answered my questions in the past 9 months, regarding pregnancy and celiac disease. My latest concern is what to fee the baby once he's here..... which formula is gluten-free? How will I know if my baby has celiac disease and reacting to formula or doesnt have celiac disease and just doesnt take to the formula for other reasons? Im not going to breastfeed, although Ive heard its the best thing for the baby. If the baby ws used to feeding off my gluten-free diet for 9 months, why should I introduce non gluten-free foods at all? Wont that get him sick because he never had it when he was in the womb? Does anyone have any ideas? Much appreciated.....Thanks
  6. Hello, A few moths ago I posted a question regarding when and how to test your newborn baby for Celiac....I didnt get a lot of responses though. Im hoping that more people will read this post and have some advice/suggestions.... Does anyone have experience testing their baby for Celiac? Im 8 months pregnant and wont be breastfeeding, so Im wondering what kind of formula does the baby need? Which one is safe? When do you test? How? Im wondering if I should contact Colombia Univ. Celiac Center (I once saw Dr Green for a visit when I was diagnosed 10 years ago) and see if they could help.....Any opinions on this? Also, does anyone know of a NY pediatrician who has experience or specialty in Celiac? Or, in general, does anyone have a good pediatrican they can recommend in the NYC area? Im trying to find a doctor now before the baby comes, but I find it difficult to chose one? Obviously Id like to get a recommendation and am asking friends/family members too. I figured Id try here to since this is a helpful website with other caring Celiacs, who can and do, really help one another. Thank you for any help at all!!!
  7. I did the 3 hour glucose fast test last week and my numbers came back fine. Luckily, I do not have GD. Yes, my doc warned about putting on too much weight as it could lead to a difficult delivery. He aslo suggested I go to the gym and exercise more. Im just to exhausted by the time I get home after a day of teaching all day. I'm stuck in a food "rut" and eat the same stuff all the time. Ive had this problem before I got pregnant, too. I will eat the same thing until I get sick of it! Then find something else to become addicted too. Before it was PNB and Jelly on rice cakes and pizza (no, not at the same time! LOL!)
  8. I have known about my celiac disease for 10 years now. Ive always been on the thin side. Ive never gained a lot of weight. Now, naturally, at 6 months pregnant, Ive gained weight. Ive put on 35 pounds already. Im just hungry all the time! I must admit I do eat sugar, such as rice pudding and chocolate, such as Reeses PNB Cups. I have a gluten-free bagel every morning with cheese. I eat a lot of carbs, not much protein (Im a vegetarian, but eat chicken and eggs to be healthy for my baby). Are there any other pregnant Celiacs who have put on a lot of weight? Or are hungry all the time? Does anyone have any suggestions as to what to eat thats satisfying (filling?) Is it "normal" for a pregnant Celiac to gain so much at 6 months? Does this mean more weight gain over the next few months also and delivering a bigger baby? I also stopped exercising at the gym since Ive been preg. due to sheer laziness and bad naseau in the beginning. I am active though, since I am a 4th grade teacher, on my feet and up and down 4 flights everyday! Can anyone shed some light/advice? Thanks! Also, I have posted a question on here about when to test your baby for celiac disease. So, if anyone also has info on this, that would be great too!
  9. I've forgotten to check the responses to my question from August. Thank you for your replies. I'm still wondering if anyone else can add to this, based on their own experience? Now, Im 6 months pregnant and still unsure about when and even if to test my baby. I will not be breastfeeding. Does anyone know which formula is good? Or without gluten? Im not sure what formula would be safe to use if, in fact, my baby does have celiac disease. Also, when should I give my baby that gene test? What is the name for it? How much will it cost? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  10. I'm 4 months pregnant and have been gluten-free 10 yrs. Does anyone know when and how do you test your baby for celiac disease? While I do have an excellent OBGYN, I'm assuming she wouldnt know much about this. Please share any knowledge/experience.........Thanks!!
  11. Thank you so much for offering these gluten-free restaurants in Vancouver. Unfortunately, I checked this email after I had already gotten back. I did okay in Vancouver, however, I didnt know about the ones you mentioned. I also went to Victoria Island and found a great cafe which prepared my meal gluten-free (the waitress herself had celiac disease so she knew exactly what was safe). Luckily, I never got sick while away. In Vancouver I stayed downtown, in the city. We did eat at a 2 good places called Milestones and Sin Sin. Again, thanks for your help!
  12. Thanks for the info! I loved the website and added it to my favorites. Its always great to share info and help other Celiacs! What's Gus' restaurant like? Ive never been there....
  13. Thank you for your replies! I've been pregnant for 16 weeks now! I take a daily prenatal from frieda vitamins. Does anyone take a prenatal from Frieda vitamins? All their vitamins are gluten-free. I think the one Im using is good (no naseau) however, there are no omegas/fish oils, which I think I should be taking as well, due to lots of gas/bloat/constip.
  14. Hello! Does anyone know of any gluten-free/celiac disease friendly restaurants in Vancouver, BC OR Victoria Island? I'll be going there on vacation this week and would love to know if there are any "safe" places to enjoy gluten-free food? Any info would be much appreciated! Thanks! Erica
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